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No Need to Buy the DVD of CNBC's "House of Cards" . . . .I've Put It Altogether On One Of My Blogs



February 22, 2009 – Comments (0)

A few weeks ago, I kept seeing ads for CNBC's "House of Cards".

 Most of the video snippets of for the show made me want to see the show when it aired back in the beginning of February.

 I kept monitoring youtube to see if anyone had put the whole thing together. What I kept finding were short one or two minute snips of different segments. It was frustrating and disjointed, but what little I could glean told me David Faber and CNBC had finally done themseves proud.

Last weekend, someone sliced the entire show into 8 segments. This person then loaded the segments to in high definition and high fidelity. So far, only 2,000 (and fewer) people have viewed these segments. (I believe that number will grow to millions as more people watch it and send it around the Internet).

If you watch all 8 segments in chronological order (I've set them up that way so you won't have to hunt and peck youtube to find them) you will see this is without question the very finest documentary every produced by mainstream media on the Current Credit Crisis, the Housing Bubble and Crash, and who was responsible for this mess (we all are).

 Faber interviews insider people who fessed to their sins without feeling any remorse or guilt. I take that back: certain homeowners who were being foreclosed upon admitted their guilt. But the higher you went up the foodchain, guilt was sorely lacking in everybody interviewed. Especially Alan Greenspan.

 I give this concise in depth documentary the highest rating of any video I've seen this year . . . . 5 stars *****

Click here to see it in its entirety and you can read my notes under each segment to understand what you are about to see.



 DJ Rock Trueblood

Key West, FL

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