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No Wimps, Pimps, or Chimps Please



March 04, 2009 – Comments (0)

Alstrynomics has taken on a new softer, nicer role on CAPS.  No personal attacks on anyone even if they attack Alstry or make idiotic comments putting others down or likely to cause others harm.  However, Alstry would like to limit the presence of those reading this blog or commenting to those that subscribe to the principals of Alstrynomics.  That said, as a strong proponent of the the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech.....Alstry will never quell anyone who comes aboard but will rufute the typical trash and nonsense that many spew under cover of analysis or advice.

Those that practice Alstrynomics strive for excellence in every facet of their lives.  As a parent, friend, business associate, and spouse.  We are never perfect and often make mistakes, but the constant pursuit for betterment is at the forefront of our thoughts most of the time.

All the members of the Institute of Alstrynomics started from very modest means and any success attained has been through one's own efforts and lots of hard work.  Some of the members have become master carpenters, professional athletes, surgeons, lawyers, teachers, business owners, CFOs, CEOs and hair stylits to name a few.

Pretty much all of us have similar core characteristics to Alstry in one way or the other.  For a summary of the characteristics, here is a summary from an earlier blog:

Some core characteristics of Alstry beliefs:

1.  People should be judged on merit and not whether they won the overian lottery.

2.  Only attack others if they attack you premptive wars here....and the bigger they are....the harder you should hit back...using only the necessary force to repel the aggression.

3.  Believing in yourself is a positive only if you offer something to believe in.....

4.  Everyone should have an opportunity to succeed regardless of where they start out in life

5.  No one, and I mean no one, is "better" than anyone else....

6.  Just because you have some education pedigree or have scored high on a test....I am willing to bet that there are a number of areas in your life where you are an idiot.

7.  Being the best you can be is all that anyone can ask for....and if possible, it should be your choice to pursue what you want to be

8.  The Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents ever written by humans....and its importance is only relevent if the principals are applied.

9  Protect those that are weaker than you

10.  Success is often defined by ability to overcome failures rather than easy victories.

The above are simply ten characteristics listed in no particular order of importance nor is intended to be comprehensive.

At the end of the day, IN THE CAPS environment....the only goal of Alstry is to help others score points.  In the real world, scoring points equates to making money.  After all, isn't that the goal of CAPs and Motley help you make money.

Alstry's personal goal is the be BEST point scorer in more and no less.  He is not here to entertain you or bend over for you.  He doesn't give a damm if you recommend his blogs but always appreciates when anyone is satisfied.  If he can help you score points, that is great.  If you can help him, that is even better.  If we can help each other, that is the best.  Isn't that what CAPs is all about, investors helping investors to make money.

Don't mince reality...scoring points on CAPs can translate into making money in real life.  That is why learning how to play CAPs well can tranlate into making money.....and few enjoy winning and making money like Alstry.  Hopefully, that is what the collective effort of this community can foster.

However, the market is a big boys game.....a strong central emotional core is essential.  But don't be deluded by false experts and those trying to pick your pockets clean.  Maintaining focus is essential and sometimes focus is misinterpreted as arrogance.  Learn to distinguish the two.  Once you are able, you will be able to separate those you can trust and those you can't. 

Alstry's days here on CAPs are likely very limited.  Hopefully you have all learned from the experience.  There are many that huff and puff but in the end can't even blow down a piece of straw with their light character.  They seem better suited blowing something else and we all know the type.  Alstrynomics has no room for Wimps, Pimps, or Chimps.  Its focus is scoring points and making money and if it can help others....even better.  If you are looking for something else....go elsewhere.

Success when EARNED tastes SWEET!!!!!!!


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