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Nokia Lumia 920 Review



December 14, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NOK , MSFT

Board: Nokia Corp.

Author: saunafool

OK, I've had my Lumia 920 for a month and have traveled with it to Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, the UAE, and Kuwait. I've used most of the features I need for my job. Here is my take, the bad and the good. I'll start with the bad:

The Bad
I bought the phone literally the first day it was available in France, the first market to have the phone. I experienced some of the widely reported bugs like short battery life and hard resets. The short battery life was an easy fix--turn off the GPS when you aren't using it. The GPS is a battery hog. In the car, I keep it plugged in.

The hard-resets were strange. It happened the first 2 times I crossed over to Germany. Then, I did some updates and it went away.

There is only one thing that still has me annoyed. It does not seem that I can attach a file, other than a photo, to an email. Photos are very fast and easy to send. Files, like an Adobe Acrobat formatted quote, I have not figured out how to attach to an email.

Finally, the GPS offline works great, with one exception. If you have no data connection, the database of locations is lacking. You need a data connection to actually find, for example, a specific street address.

Apps: as one would guess, apps are a bit thin compared to iOS or Android. Surprisingly, since Microsoft owns it, Skype was not available when the phone was immediately released. It became available after only a couple weeks, however. That was the only major item I was missing.

Facebook and LinkedIn integration into the "People" hub has upsides and downsides. Facebook integration is very natural. I think I might prefer a stand-alone LinkedIn app.

The other thing I've found is that I have a lousy service provider--Orange. Their partners in the UAE and Kuwait could not carry the data connection, so I needed to find Wifi to get my email. Pain. (BTW, I had the same problem with my Blackberry in Kuwait using Orange.)

The Good:
The camera is awesome. See many reviews. Photos and videos are great, very easy to use, very easy to share. Low light and image stabilization work as advertised.

The OS, is extremely easy to use, very fast, very easy to set up and customize.

The screen is gorgeous and very responsive. Touch with gloves on works as advertised. Overall build quality seems excellent. (Note that I didn't say anything about the weight. It is heavier than my previous phone, but I simply do not notice the weight.)

The Microsoft Office apps are great, although Excel could use some tweaking to be more friendly to a phone interface. Right now, it is basically Excel, which is kind of difficult to navigate on a phone. Outlook is excellent and extremely easy to set up. Word is OK. Powerpoint is quite nice. I can actually do a credible presentation on the phone (I do not use bullet points--just photos with sometimes a title). Skydrive is great. It appears as though the storage is on the phone--as long as the data connection works.

Skype, now that it is available works perfectly. My little boy was very happy to see me when I called from Kuwait.

Nokia Music is a nice app. There are dozens of different mix lists of 60 songs each you can download and listen to offline for free. You can keep up to 4 offline mixes on the phone at any given time.

The GPS display is gorgeous. It zooms in when you slow down and zooms out when you accelerate. I need to work with it more, however. I haven't really tried to push the features.

Call quality is good. Wifi connection and function is good. I've only found one web page which did not display properly. Can't remember which site...

I have not used NFC. Don't have any of the accessories. I want to get the music box for my office. I work alone and a music box charging the phone would be fun. (Santa, are you listening?)

Overall, I love the design and performance of the phone. It isn't perfect, but it can do 95% of what my laptop can do and when I fly to the U.S. for Christmas I am leaving my laptop at home--something I've never been able to contemplate in the past.

I've also stopped borrowing my wife's iPad, which makes her happy. However, I spend a lot of time playing with my phone, which makes her sad.

All the best,


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