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Nokia's Lumia Reviews



November 06, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NOK , MSFT

Board: Nokia Corporation

Author: InCards

The Lumia 920 is beginning to stock, sales have begun in select markets although initial supply on network operators who carry the Lumia 920 is somewhat limited, and the media is now being furnished with devices to test and review. On balance the reviews are relatively positive. This despite the fact that several of the reviewers generally have difficulty praising either Microsoft or Nokia. There are however relatively few really comprehensive reviews yet and the majority state that a more complete review will follow but we should be seeing several more detailed reviews in the next few weeks. I intend to link some of the current or upcoming reviews to this thread and others that participate here may wish to do the same.

Personally I look forward to screening the series of reviews that the AAWP (All About Windows Phone) team will field. Despite their focus on Windows Phone (and Symbian on a separate blog) the team is extremely smartphone knowledgeable, and their reviews are generally very detailed and relatively objective. The members all have good hands on experience with products that compete with WinPhone models and they do not hesitate to criticize WinPhone capabilities or functionality where criticism is due. Hundun03 has already linked the 1st of the series ('PureView shootout: Nokia 808 vs Nokia Lumia 920') which also compares 920 stills to those taken with the Lumia 900 and HTC One X in various lighting scenarios on the thread titled 'AAWP's first take on 920's camera.'

Despite the fact that AAWP's original take on the 920's still camera capabilities is relatively positive one thing that stands out in several of the early hands on reviews I've read is some criticism of the Lumia 920's end results in good lighting conditions when compared to competitive models. It appears that some timely tweaking of the software algorithms that influence the end result still images in these conditions is in order since despite the small but backside illuminated sensor (BSI) the high quality Carl Zeiss optics should deliver very high quality.

On a positive note in regard to its imaging capabilities reviewers noted that low-light imagery was truly superior in the 920 to other high end shooters and optical stabilization across stills and video also lived up to Nokia's claims on that front. Individuals that have purchased carrier unlocked Lumia 920s should be seeing some software updates that affect overall image quality in daylight scenarios in short order since PureView 2 image quality has been and will continue to be highly touted by Nokia.

The Lumia 920 PureMotion HD+ Clear Black display with Synaptic's ClearPad 'Super Sensitive Touch' gets overall high marks from reviewers who point out that the Lumia 920's outdoor performance is a true selling point and competitive advantage. The 920's industrial design and build quality also gets high marks although the fact that the devices large girth and weight are noted by almost every reviewer as a potential knockoff.

Most reviewers point out 'the ecosystem' (their usage being the software ecosytem, apps availability, and developer support) as a weak point of all Windows Phone 8 models. That's somewhat legitimate despite the fact that 120,000+ Windows Phone titles accessible in 191 countries are now available in the Windows Store; that according to Microsoft 46 of the 50 most popular apps (four missing apps are Instagram, Pinterest, Wells Fargo and Viber) for smartphones are or shortly will be available for Windows Phone 8 models; and that Microsoft is doubling its language support to 50 languages and will include country localizations for apps. As we progress through 2013 the perceived 'ecosystem' weakness should rapidly diminish even though the sheer quantity of Android and iPhone apps will continue to outnumber WinPhone apps.

Andrew Orlowski pointed out something of paramount importance about Windows Phone 8 in general:

"There used to be a popular saying in the industry: "Microsoft doesn't get it right until version 3.0." I say used to because you don't hear it very much any more. For Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has finally stopped teasing and on Tuesday unveiled the new operating system and compatible handsets just hours before they went into the shops. The big news is that it works and works well. Considering that this is a phone running a descendant of Windows NT, this is remarkable. Windows 8 Phone is solid, stable, and greatly improves on the tortuous task-switching that plagued the previous pre-release versions. Predictions of broken software compatibility between Tango (the codename for updates to Windows Phone 7.x) and Apollo (Windows 8 Phone) were greatly overstated: Windows Phone 7.x apps run just fine on the latest OS ..."

- IC (Eric L.) -

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