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February 12, 2014 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: LNKD.DL

I am pretty sorry to predict that LNKD is going lower.  And I am sorry because although I do not own a lot of shares the few I own represent quite a lot of money.  I am able to make this prediction because if it becomes untrue the merrier I will be.  Yet, the 1 day chart is showing a clear downward trend.  If you are a Fool? you will laugh at my last remark as no true Fool would follow the observations of a chartist.  Unfortunately I am not a chartist, I am just an observer who is clearly looking at a downtrend on a chart.  I don't know how it came to be for me to make predictions based on charts (probably just by looking at them for hours).  So, being a Fool my insides tell me to hold on to my shares because I believe this will pass and LNKD will be back at 250 at some point but, and I really hate this part, a stirring sensation that does not let go tells me that if LNKD is going lower I should sell now and buy later at a better price or buy at least PUTs to cover from the downtrend.  Yes, I know, my prediction is not certain and that is why I should disregard my feeling and just wait for the turmoil to pass.  To protect myself with puts will cost me more money and add to my already loosing position.  God, why does the rational man strives always to maximize it´s profits?  I will get back to you with a factible solution.  And if this does not get printed because it is UnFooly it will be alright, at least it helps me to think!

I would add more to the above later but I do not know how to save for later printing so I will have to send it this way rather than risking loosing my thoughts.  Later guys!!!


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#1) On February 14, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Stockllama10 (84.64) wrote:

Unfortunately I am not a chartist, I am just an observer who is clearly looking at a downtrend on a chart.

What? I don't get it. 

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