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Not dead yet...



January 02, 2013 – Comments (1)

Not  that  many  people care,  but  I'm not  dead.

I  did  have  a  rather  messed up  nov and dec,  I  could  have  died  but  i  didn't.

 I've  been  away,  acting  stupid not  using  my  brain  and trying  to use  whats left of  my  heart,   I   was  rather  disapointed  to  see  how  long   it  took  the caps  game  to  correct for  a  simple  reverse  stock  split  of   tvix...

 It  was revealing with  how easy  it is to  short  certain  bad  made  to go to zero  funds  and  simply watch  them  much  like  watching paint dry, you know  eventually  the  paint  will dry,  unless  of  course something  out  of  the ordinary  happens.

I  just  want  to say  that  I miss  old friends,  I  don't  want to  itch  with a  capital  B....

The  world  didn't  end  in  december,  apparently  the  gov  investigated  the  BEN  GA  Zi   thing  and  some  mid  level  managers  that  no one  has ever heard  from   have  been   the  scape  goats  and  have  been  removed.

The  gov-ment  continues  to function,   the cost of  everything seems  to be  going up,  meanwhile  interest  rates  remain  manipulated,  but  hey  apparently  they  have  gone over the cliff  but  because of  magic  we  haven't  fallen ~   thanks  to  the  deciders  deciding  that  hey  deadlines  matters not  when the  all  powerful  gov-ment  can  run  up  the tab   and  clock and  it  doesn't  matter  so long  as  the  masses can  be  tranquillized  with  entertainment,  drugs,  and  other distractions.

Everything  is  quiet  on  the  front,   there be  no shelter  here,  the front line  is  everwhere

We  use  to trade  history  for   a   vcr  ?   now  its  a  smart  tv  or  smart  blue  ray.

A  line  thin between  entertainment and  war.

Right  now  I'm  watching  a  hungry  hawk  sitting  next  to the bird  feeder  in  my back yard,  it's wondering  where  all the  birds  are  ?

Its  interesting  to  see a live bird stand on  one  leg  while  it  warms  the other leg under  its  feathers  next  to  its  body.

Oh  apparently  the  stock  market is up  big  time  today,  something  about  the  gov-ment  actually  doing  their  jobs ~  late  like  a  certain  phrase  time   saying  that  never  does  or  bee's  anywhere  on  time.

OMG  apparently  the  bird  of  prey  actually  caught  and  is  eating  another bird...  dang  it  flew  off

LMAO  apparently  mister  squirrel  feels  safe  again and is back  at  the bird  feeder.

Any how,  wishing  all of  you a  late  merry christmas  and  a better new year.

So  does  the rally  fade ?  or  are  we expecting  a  most profitably  crazy  2013 ?

Can  a  rich man  pass  thru the eye of  a needle ?

Is  there  life beyond  death ?

Don't  judge  or  question,  just  do everything  I tell you to do.

 Wake up

and let  Love into your soul.


Stop  the  pain.





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#1) On January 07, 2013 at 12:04 AM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

more people care than you know. We just sometimes stay quiet.

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