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September 10, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GE , BAC

Don't get sucked into the market on a 200 point rally this week, the market will still go down until Obama gets what he wants (from congress), It will rally at the end of month if he gets the votes and if the fed helps lower interest rates and helps more with SBA loans.

Does Obama cause the market to go down to force Congress to act? Would he launch investigations and law suits at prime targets? Would government agency block construction of major projects? Wood Obama go on TV and harp on how bad things will be if Congress does not do what he wants? Would he keep the market volatile to lower the dollar and help exports and at he same time effect the bond market to help lower interest rates? No I'm sure all these things just coincidentally happen when he happens to need a stimulus package. What happens after he gets what he wants? Suddenly the banks investigations and law suites end with a traffic ticket type fine but end for good. The EPA allows construction of several major sites. Heck, maybe Greece will even get a loan. Maybe the banks hire some of the thousands they fired coincidentally last month; last month happened to be the month before he pitches the next stimulus package and the month before the major fed meeting. Coincidentally the package should pass about one year before the elections. Just enough time to get people hopped up on Obama.

Look for a sudden change in the news once the stimulus is passes, there will be revise unemployment reports, new evidence of consumer spending, reports and news will become optimistic. The Wall Street journal's headlines will be positive. Not because there is a major change in the economy but because the manipulation will change. Obama's buddies at GE and B of A will lead the rally just as they lead it down. You'll suddenly learn that the new home sells were down because the banks release thousands of bank owned homes in the last two months; that re-financing is at a year high and that SBA loans are10 times higher then normal. News like that now would hurt the chances of getting congress to do what is needed for real growth. But things are happening that you won't hear about until after a stimulus package is passed, and the fed does something constructive.

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#1) On September 10, 2011 at 8:02 AM, buffalonate (50.75) wrote:

You are nuts my friend.  Your conspiracy theories are out of control.  You need some sleep.

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