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November Nuances, Random Ramblings & Beautiful Babblings



November 17, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SOMX.DX , HOT , AROPQ

Time for more of those random ramblings you've become so used to over the last few months. First let's clear up the clutter and get a few of the most recent articles out of the way....

Is it time to buy Somaxon Pharmaceuticals? You tell me?

Likewise, is it time to buy or dump Starwood Hotels?

Finally, here are some of my favorite retail plays for the holiday season.....

Sorry I crammed three articles into one blog but I just got back from vacation in Las Vegas...and we all know that what happens in Vegas winds up on Facebook.

How about reality finally striking the market down. I mean I'm freely admitting that my call on gold and silver as a top was wrong on the timing but it looks like I may be right in the end, I just might be taking longer than expected to get that correct result. I really am not looking for a huge move downward in gold but man o' man do I think silver needs to take a huge dump. Many commodities are long overdue for a correction and I think we're finally seeing the start of that.

On an opposite note, how about that US dollar finally's about freaking time. There's no reason that the US dollar can't rally as high as 82.60-83 based on the US dollar index. Eventually the US is going to realize that a cheap dollar is not going to be good for America....

What in the heck is up with those geeky guys from Muddy Waters? It's like every time they speak now they can create havoc in the Chinese equity market and they seem somehow impervious to the rules and regulations of the SEC which govern fair trade practices. Last I saw it was generally unethical to poo poo the company you are currently short with false allegations, but hey..I'm not the SEC.

I'm curious just how high the daytrading ding dongs are going to take Houston American Energy. I mean that company has perfected breaking even over the last few years. Apparently watching a P/e climb to 1500 is fun for some people....

How in the heck did Integrated Silicon Solutions miss on earnings? They are usually one of my gauges for determining how healthy the economy is despite their small size... when they start missing quarters, I start getting worried.

How abou that Netsol Technologies? Sure it's back off its highs as it should have given that crazy run, but another 4 cent quarterly profit and solid growth..they're right back on track. Really no reason they can't return to 2007 levels in the mid $3s.

Rep. Barney Frank is insane....seriously.... give that man a gag order, lock him in the bathroom...he's nuts!

I'll attempt to think of more sarcastic things to comment on over the next few days...


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#1) On November 17, 2010 at 12:13 PM, joryko (99.34) wrote:

I bought some Netsol earlier this year and I have to say that was one of the most entertaining runs I have been a part of in my brief trading history!  I will be looking to replenish my stake in them if they drop much lower than where they are now; quite the promising company at such a low share price.

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#2) On November 17, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Valyooo (33.71) wrote:

If you're looking for an easy commodity short, use gsg...its a broken etf. Even when commodities are up its down, so when they're down it should be way down

Hey UL, I'm currently short agq and gdx so I'm with you. Our trading styles differ (yours is better but whatever) but I like to gauge sentiment, idk if you use that at it me, or is this more than a correction? Everything I read on caps, here from friends, see on cnbc, and read on yahoo finance is calling this a correction. In my limited experience, when everybody expects something it doesn't happen. So I think this "correction" will drift stocks lower for a while

Also, isn't november generally a bad month for stocks?

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#3) On November 27, 2010 at 12:48 AM, Monkeylochs (< 20) wrote:

Greetings Ultralong, congrats on your small leap to stardom.  What do you think of DRYS Dryships, Neutral Tandem, and GSI for longer term?  Also look at HQS, seems cheap here. thanks and all the best.


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