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lquadland10 (< 20)

Now how did the Powers that be stop inflation



January 20, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AUY , SVL , POT

last time. Well lets see. The world right now is raising interest rates all over the world. Why. Everything is pegged to the dollar. As the dollar becomes less as Ben says inflates the prices all around the world rise. What do those contrary do? They raise interest rates. That devalues the dollar even more. When Ben wants our currency to drop he hold another currency for a period of time. When he sold it our dollar value increased. What happened last time was that all the country's lowered there interest rates. Will they do that again? I doubt it. Everyone wants to devalue the money so they can grow their way out of it. Sell gold and silver to lower the inflation factors. Not working powers my food and gas is still outrages. I can't even go to the coast as much and sleep on the beach in a tent for $12.00 a year because gas prices are just to Durn high. I live on a shoe string budget and yes I qualify for food stamps and gev. help but I refuse to be part of the problem by accepting it. I AM    part of the solution and take care of myself by doing without. Now powers that be you know where I live and if you want my help then offer me a job. Now with trade wars on the table then everything else well you got your hands full.  Now let your people get out there and start letting people know that oil is in the next month going down to $70.00 a barrel. Then in Feb have your little minions let everyone know that Oil is going to $50 a barrel in March. Enough is enough. I know you don't want slavery and that you know Debt is slavery so lets get all dept paid off. Now powers time to get Geinther to really fix the derivatives problem that he helped create. What is the saying when mama is not happy then no one is happy? Well I am not happy and you have millions of mamas unhappy and you better fix it. Get rid of the Genetically Altered seed. Make pharma co put out the safe medicines and vaccines. You have the power. Use it for good instead of the bad you are doing. Let people stand on their own 2 feet. Put the unemployment benefits back to 4 months for all. Secure our boarders. End the Fed. You have the power use it for good. Become the good guys. Get Ron Paul elected as President in 2012. Just a thought that passed my mind. If you believe in KARMA then what will happen to you when you reincarnate in the next life. Will you live like someone in Africa today dying of starvation? Well powers I feel better now because I know you will take care of it. What you do to each person you are doing to yourself. I know you in your soul understand that because we are all connected. Now what does my little rant have to do with stocks well Blushing nothing. However I feel that the drop in gold and silver are  the Global Banks giving GS and JPM and the people who shorted the stocks for them a way out of the shorts without loosing to much money. I see this as a way for the powers to start correcting their past mistakes. If you believe in what Jesus said when you feed someone you feed me. When you cloth someone you clothe me. Well the same is true. When you hurt someone you hurt him. When you starve someone you starve him. I believe we have turned a corner with the powers and they are going to bring both our wars to an end. I believe that the ones who are steeling and doing wrong are going to be charged with their crimes. I believe that in this next year the powers will let a lot of the truth come out and shed light in a good way.So while this pull back in gold and silver happens it is time to cost average down. Thank you powers for changing your ways and becoming the good guys.  As it is written so shall it be.  Just lquadland being me. ;-)

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