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alstry (< 20)

Now We Begin The Social Unrest Phase Of The Industrial Age Passing



May 20, 2010 – Comments (1)

Athens, Bangkok, Bucharest, Lisbon, Madrid, Minneapolis.......

You see, you simply can't bail out a few bankers and politicians and not have the remaining population get really upset as they lose their jobs, suffer massive wage cuts, and face rising costs of living.

People get upset when nurses want a few percentage point raise yet they sit back like prone sheep when bankers and politicians get trillions in bonuses, wage increases, and loans?

I am sorry...but human nature is human nature....and when you wake up the sheep they get really really angry once they realize they have been fleeced.  Nothing  like this has ever happend before in American history.

The money is now running out because credit is being cut off to the private sector and concentrating in the banks.....and the only reason the system is functioning is because government is borrowing trillions...........while the private sector is dying.

The Industrial Age depends on a strong private sector generating jobs.........especially the American Industiral economy.

In the Digital Age.....many of the current jobs and systems willl be obsolete.  We will not need nearly as many cities, counties, and states.  We will need much fewer shopping centers, banks and other forms of real estate as businesses go digital and more and more telecommute.

Lifestyles will become healthier as much fewer dollars will be available for an obsolete heathcare system currently consuming approaching 20% of GDP.

Where the change will be most convulsive is salaries and a global economy....the wages of Europe and America are simply out of whack with what is being paid for similar workers in other countries.

Somehow, we will have to reach an the meantime we will be forced to make adjustments.

It is these adjustments which will be convulsive for many......the question is how will the politicians and the bankers deal with an ever growing and frustrated population as we move into the Digital Age?

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#1) On May 20, 2010 at 6:53 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Now comes the fundemental moral questions in a borrow and spend economy....Morally.....

1.  Should we allow government to borrow to pay unemployment and food stamps?

2.  Should we allow families to borrow to make their credit card and mortgage payments?

3.  Should we allow bankers to borrow to remain solvent and pay their employees and give massive bonuses to the executives?

4.  Should we allow hospitals to borrow to pay nurses and doctors?

5.  Should we allow public home builders to borrow money when we are cutting credit from private homebuilders?

All these are moral questions in a borrow and spend economy......if you have access to credit you survive and thrive.....if you don't, you dive.

Now the moral question is who survives and who dives?

When  the decisions become arbritrary and not based on a fair rule of law, that is when the anger and social unrest arises.....

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