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Nuclear is green!!



December 17, 2007 – Comments (2)

Have you heard the great news? True environmentalists have begun to recognize that Nuclular power is a clean, green answer to global warming and are supporting nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels. I heard it for the first time today on CNBC from no less an environmentalist than GW Bush himself. This is great news and clears the way for the USA to insure power companys against accidents. This is only necessary because insurance companys (you know, smarter than government businessmen) are unwilling to write insurance for nuclear power for any price that will make nuclear electricity even remotely profitable. And without insurance, banks will not lend them money. And we all know how cautious banks like to be with their lending! Even thought the risk of catastophic failure is remote, insurers find they are concerned that they will be responsible for a covering the deaths, and sickness and lack of productivity, and loss of property for a potentially ruined area the size of... well Pennsylvania. For this kind of coverge they want very high premiums.

But with the environmentalists coming on board to support nuclear as green this is no longer a problem as the USA will give this kind of coverage away cheap because nothing ever goes wrong so who really needs insurance? 

So I planned out my nuclear investments and was all set to pull the trigger when the flaw in the plan (There's always a flaw isn't there?) was made clear.

It seems true environmentalists do not support nuclear power regardless of what GWB told us this morniing. In fact true environmentalist are so tired of hearing it said that they support nuclear that they have actually put together a petition to say otherwise.

The petition has 5000 signatures, (so far) of which 500 represent true environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and all those other people who want to get rich by stopping nuclear (however they do that).

So now you know in advance. Whenever you hear someone tell you that true environmentalists support nuclear, they are probably trying to sell you something(probably nuclear power). Now your buddy on the blog may not know better, but GWB does. And so do the radio heads.

So don't put your hard earned money into nuclear just yet. It may not be as easy a sell as they are selling you. In fact I am signing the petition. And I am not even a hardcore environmentalist. Oh. And here is a second chance for you to sign also. And hear from the environmentalists themselves. Rather than some knucklehead who claims to speak for them.

Just my 2 cents


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#1) On December 18, 2007 at 12:44 PM, chk999longonly (97.90) wrote:

Nuclear seems much easier on the environment than coal.

I doubt even the hard core greenies are going to go without electricity and it's got to come from somewhere. 

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#2) On January 06, 2008 at 11:38 AM, familyfund1 (< 20) wrote:

Chk999, you must not live where i live, because nuclear waste, is a risk my folks are unwilling to take. Coal is also barely worth using.

Listen, friend. There is enough solar power to give us more than we need. What we really need is for the TV to quit telling us that everything is ok, and start reminding us to go turn off our extra lights. 

   Did you know that 20% of all power is nuke? so look around you and turn off 20% of your lights, and it's done. Just that easy.

    IF you folks haven't seen the story of stuff (on devo's very next blog) you really must. Please

and thank you. (i would curtsy, but you can't see me)

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