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Varchild2008 (84.42)

NVDA & CRNT Shockingly, Breathtakingly, Undervalued



July 10, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: CRNT , NVDA

The greatest investors are able to think LONGER into the future than the average investors.  The greatest investors hold onto stocks in best of breed companies....They buy into a stock at a time when the company hits a massive downturn or makes a major mistake and they sell when all of the bad news has left the stock and the company's sales are up. 

I don't have time to go into tremendous depth here at all (but I will later) regarding CRNT Ceragon Networks trading 7 points away from $0 a share and NVDA trading at 11 points away from Nothing.

CRNT is at least ONE of the MARKET LEADERS in broadband internet speed for Cell Phones if not *THE* Market Leader.  NVDA is one if not THE market leader in Graphics Technologies.

I gave up on these stocks as a newbie, inexperienced, stupid investor when I saw that investors completely ignored CRNT's excellent 1st quarter earnings report...Investors sold off shares inspite of CRNT producing an increase in revenue due to foreign markets.

The thing is.... 2009 is shaping up to be a tremendous year for both CRNT and NVDA.
Microsoft's VISTA was a disaster and if the rumor holds true of a new Operating System coming out next year, then that may boost computer sales as well as Graphics Card Sales.

The thing is....Any (bad news) with these companys if it actually exists is definitely priced into the stocks today.  Heck.. It was priced into the stocks at $10 (CRNT) and $15(NVDA) a share.... It's now entered into massively unrealistic territory. 

Unfortunately... Many technology stocks are in massively, ridiculous, undervalued status....

Look at NVDA.  Sure, it messed up BIG TIME and lost millions... But an investor has to realize that NVIDA isn't going away as a Leader in it's market.

When it comes to investing.... You invest in the best of breed and if the best of breed IMPLODES and the share price NOSEDIVES into OBLIVION....  How in the world can you pass up the opportunity?

Pre-market Trading has CRNT and NVDA trading up slightly today... I expect a huge day for technology stocks today.  But, that's short term.  Long term....  You got Virtually every Phone Manufacturer producing their next greatest product and these manufacturers will be looking to CRNT to provide the Internet portion of their offerings.

You have next generation video gaming coming by 2010/2011.
If you are willing to tolerate the complete ineptitude of Technology Stocks to gain any ground this year then you won't be disappointed at CHRISTMAS TIME next year.

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#1) On July 10, 2008 at 10:14 AM, wolfhounds (41.45) wrote:

CRNT is the world leader in providing backhaul nwtwork operations. More importantly, it not only opearates in developed countries, it is the main provider in smaller developing countries. It also has agreements in China and other asian countries. This stock has dropped 2/3 from it's high (which was a valuation stretch), and I agree that is dirt cheap.

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#2) On July 10, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Varchild2008 (84.42) wrote:

I kept eyeballing the July/June Contract signings.  July 21st Earnings Report should get this stock a lift if Investors can get a clue and treat the stock in accordance with it's earnings.

P.S.  I am too tired afterall to go in depth on CRNT, NVDA than I already have.  I think the point is made anyhow.

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