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NYT a Breakout / PFCB a lameout



January 13, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NYT , PFCB.DL

PFCB and NYT have been two stocks that were mentioned on here.  Both had similar ascending triangle patterns and both set ups showed signs of potential breakouts.   Both stocks have "Broken out" but only one so far has truly "Brokeout" under the definition of a technical breakout. Let's start with the good breakout! NYT finally broke out of its ascending triangle today.  NYT advances were being stopped at 7.77 and the price action formed an ascending triangle which is a bullish pattern.  NYT broke above X which had been resistance for the last 3 weeks and broke the top of its triangle.  This is a strong breakout in price but what makes it even stronger is the breakout comes with strong volume.  NYT should advance upwards now especially if it takes out 8.01.  Chart Markup for NYT.  

Now lets look at PFCB it had a similar ascending triangle just like NYT. Resistance  was at 31.80 this needed to break to get the breakout going.  On the 10th PFCB finally "broke out" closing above resistance.  But since then the stock has failed to follow through like we have seen in NYT.   It is not a failed trade, there is still support the first breakout level but reassessing this chart one can see the true breakout level is 32.77 which was the high in November and December.  Also notice that there was no volume associate with any of the breakout levels.

Chart Markup for PFCB.. 

What the take away here is no breakout is the same even if they have the same pattern.  Second you want to see volume on your breakout- volume confirms a breakout.  Lastly if your trade is not going according to plan, reevaluate it and change your plan.  For instance with PFCB the key level to watch now is 31.80 PFCB must stay above here for the "breakout" to continue. 

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