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NYT continues to get hammered...



February 12, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NYT

When an All Star CAPS player red thumbed NYT... I quickly jumped on board.  The recent price hike made no sense giving the fundamentals of NYT going forward and the existing debt...

Pay for Online NYT content???  I practically get that for free just watching FOX NEWS or any number of conservative blog sites make fun of NYT.

NYT's credibility is ZERO and they haven't changed in decades....they remain heavily in the tank for the Democratic Party.....and for America's Enemies when they reveal U.S. Secrets.

What section of NYT are you fluid in? about SHORTING?  That's where the money is on NYT in the past few weeks.

I'm up over 16 pts now on this red thumb.

If CBS/NBC   are struggling for viewership to watch their FREE news content then how is NYT going to survive forcing people to PAY?

Believe it or not.... Rupert Murdoch was thinking of turning  into a PAY site.
Hopefully he never will... Because I am not paying for content.. And I am a Turbaconduckan Conservative!

So a diehard Conservative like me won't pay for FOXNEWS content....  Think Diehard Liberals will pay for NYT content.... in a massive recession?

Stay away from company's with poor fundamentals no matter what the share price did....share prices tend to get unhindged from reality for very short periods of time before coming back down to EARTH.

That's why JIM CRAMER put out a warning on GARMIN and I put out my RED THUMB on that stock.

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