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Varchild2008 (84.35)

Obama's America 2013



November 15, 2012 – Comments (10) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL

1)  1.6 Million Acres of land locked up so Energy Companies can not create jobs, drill for oil, make profit, prosper.

2)  Medical Device companies like STRYKER are slashing jobs in anticipation of the Obamacare medical devices tax.

3)  Companies across the board slashing jobs or converting full time workers to part time in anticipation of having to pay $175,000 per STORE for Restaurant franchisees.....such as Denny's.

4)  Economic growth, GDP, slowing and slowing as regulations to the tune of 68 pages per day are thrown at companies like Terrorists hijacking airplanes and slamming them into buildings.

5)  Obama threatens to raise taxes by $1.6 Trillion.  Small businesses will be slammed, especially restaurants, construction companies, and others that tend to report earnings as income.

6)  4 Star Generals getting demoted, fired, over scandals galore.

7)  Israel goes to war with Hamas.....whose next?  And what will Obama do?  stand and watch?

8)  Putin awaits Obama visit to see what Obama's "Flexibility" means.

9)  Homeowners that wish to sell their homes will now suffer a massive OBAMACARE tax for every $100,000 of value they sell the home for.... That should do wonders to the housing market.

10) Healthcare Mandate goes into effect and those who can't afford to buy health insurance will now be hit with a TAX.   With thousands and thousands of newly hired IRS agents standing by.
The tax hike gets progressively worse every year.

11)  Cadillac Health Insurance tax will behave like the AMT and impact lesser health insurance policies more and more....soon just about every health insurance policy out there slammed with this tax.

12)  Keystone Pipeline WON'T HAPPEN.....  Thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

13)  Defense Sector companies like BOEING slashing jobs left and right as money for the military dries up.  Eventually federal government workers that work for the Military will lose their jobs.

14)  INFLATION set to spike on FOOD costs as prices have to be passed onto consumers in order to deal with OBAMACARE costs...

15)  CLOTHING costs have already skyrocketed.....  1 pair of pants.....$45......At Kohl's. What's next? $90 for a shirt?

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#1) On November 16, 2012 at 1:24 AM, awallejr (39.10) wrote:

1) Good.  We don't need to drill everywhere all at once.

2) Yet tens of millions will now have health coverage.

3) You are talking about franchises that make tens of millions.

4) That is speculation on your part.

5) Well it is the Republicans that scream we need to close the 1 trillion a year budget deficit.

6)  Well sex and generals that always seems to sell.

7) Time will tell, but I can't blame a country wanting to defend itself.  We sure as hell would if Mexico started dropping rockets on our cities.

8)  Time will tell there.

9) A lot of ambiguity there.  It is unclear how this will play out.  Last I heard there is a .038 pct tax off of the first $200,000 in profit on a house sale.  Tons of questions there.  Married couples get a $500,000 profit exclusion.  So does this kick in after that?  Also sellers can offset gains with improvements to property.  Will we need tax accountant certifications?

10) Personally I never had a problem with this.

11)  Jury is still out on this.

12)  Keystone was a Kudlow con.  Obama didn't disagree with it; he disagreed with its PATH.  Change the path and approval is there.  

13)  Don't get me going on the billions the military always wastes.

14)  Nonsensical.  Food spike has to do with droughts, supply, demand.

15) Lol. Simple remedy. Don't go to Kohls. I pay $20ish  for Van Heusen shirts.  Easy to wash and iron.

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#2) On November 16, 2012 at 11:38 AM, JaysRage (77.46) wrote:

2) No, you're talking about stores with less than 2 million in REVENUE.  These franchises are owned by independent owners that pay a franchise fee.  It is the small business owner that pays the price here, not the franchise. 

5) Republicans want to do so in a way that doesn't cripple the economy

12) I'm not a fan of Keystone as currently proposed.  The jobs are a nice short-term gain, but there is a honeypot of money to be made from that project that Canadian oil companies don't want to share.  The U.S. should get some economic gain from this and they aren't.   They whole point is to avoid paying U.S. tax by piping the oil to a tax-free zone in order to get Canadian oil to rich European markets tax free.   The U.S. should get a slice of the pie.   Ideally, the Midwest would get some of the money back that they lose in higher gas prices due to the oil being shipped out. 

14) No, it's inflation on top of the current inflation. 

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#3) On November 16, 2012 at 12:59 PM, edwjm (99.90) wrote:

Varchild:  Drink a glass of warm milk and take a nap.  The sky will still be where it has always been when you wake.

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#4) On November 16, 2012 at 4:42 PM, EnigmaDude (52.13) wrote:

16) No more Twinkies!  Maybe the world is ending after all!!

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#5) On November 16, 2012 at 4:50 PM, edwjm (99.90) wrote:

EnigmaDude:  With all the Republican Governors declaring war on the unions, this was a poor time for them to show their ugly side by destroying Hostess!

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#6) On November 16, 2012 at 5:14 PM, awallejr (39.10) wrote:

No more Twinkies!  Maybe the world is ending after all!!

I heard someone is trying to sell a box of them on Ebay for $5,000.  If I recall they do have a shelf life of like a million years.

Actually it is kind of sad what is happening to Hostess.  I really don't know all the details but it sounded as if the union leadership of the bakers pretty much screwed the members in the end.  Over 18,000 to now lose their jobs.

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#7) On November 16, 2012 at 5:36 PM, ChrisGraley (28.69) wrote:

It's kinda funny watching the oppressors poke fun at the oppressed. I gotta return to this thread post fiscal cliff. 

It does reinforce my belief that one side is just as bad as the other though. 

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#8) On November 16, 2012 at 5:49 PM, ETFsRule (< 20) wrote:

Mission Accomplished.

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#9) On November 20, 2012 at 11:20 AM, mainelefty (66.25) wrote:

The world is ending.  

No more freeloaders in the health care system.  How can we ever live with that.  Massive amounts of money that we are already spending being spent for the same purposes.  A true calamity.

No farm animals roaming at large here yet.   With inflation and deflation occurring all at once, peace dividends and new outbreaks of war spending at the same time, millions of acres of unused leaseable land not to be leased until someone actually wants to use it, to produce oil when there's a coming glut, and companies worrying more about the gyrations of Congress than serving their current customers and finding new ones, no wonder the poster is supercharged with angst.

But like I said, no farm animals roaming at large here yet.

Not to worry.  Things will be pretty good in two years.  All the AWSM (angry white southern males) will turn out again to vote for "public servants" who think the earth is 8000 years old, women's bodies are public property, Quebec is a threat to the future of America and flouride in the water is a communist (socialist?) plot.  And the public schools are failures, welfare for illegal immigrants includes free cars and food stamps are mostly used to buy cigarettes and liquor.

This will lead to the election of so-called "patriots" who will be promptly scrubbed for their bizarre, misogynist leanings in the ensuing election when most people actually vote.   You think AWSMs hate black Presidents, wait until a woman takes over. 

Good luck with your fantasy that people who think the cave man used to barbeque dinosaurs have any ability to address the issues of a complex society, or world.  For my part, I will plant a slightly larger garden (I know all things French are declasse, but it's called a potager.)  And keep my eyes out for roaming farm beasts.


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#10) On November 21, 2012 at 6:25 PM, 5thand7th (< 20) wrote:

That's the new question for potential republican candiates:  "How old do you think the earth is?"  mainelefty just referenced it above.  MSM will beat up and discredit anyone who doesn't answer correctly.  They just asked Rubio a day or two ago.  What that has to do with our current state of affairs I do not know. Unbelievable.

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