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lquadland10 (< 20)

Ode to the good old days.



November 08, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL , AUY

I found a clock that took me back in time. Before the FED and Congress got drunk and went wild. Oh in just 10 short years see the difference. Was that when just 10 years ago gas was about a 1.00 to a 1.50  A gallon? 2000      
2004   Drum roll please. 2010       Now if we don't change our ways. Well then I do not believe this projection. I believe it will be far worse.     I was talking to my hair dresser and auto mechanic. They now have a new name for good old Ben. They say he bypassed Helicopter Ben and is now refereed to as Atom Bomb Ben. Giggling. You know it is bad when the common every day man and woman can out think the FED> Oh just steel from 308 million people why don't you FED> Oh you are doing just that. I wonder when bread will become 22 dollars a loaf. One year or Two. Yep we have not seen nothing yet. Thank you FED and Congress for wiping America of the Face of the Earth. You are doing a better job than any Terrorist Group around. When the banks go will your gold and silver be safe at the bank? Do you keep it in a safe place other than a bank. I do not know but you should think about it. However I am looking for prices to go to ever higher and the Middle Class gone.Now we have the FED playing the stock market with the QE one and two.Excuse me Ben at the FED. I need price deflation. Employers will not raise pay. They will just go to the pool of the unemployed to find the 26 and under crowd who are going to school and will still be on mum and dad's insurance. One way to cut cost and pay a lower wage to replace the ones with experience and higher wage. Bet you did not think of that Ben Bernanke.  Thank you so much for not following the MAIN MANDATE of the FED. Defend the Dollar.    Nope you will not do you JOB and defend the dollar. You are Debasing and Trashing the Dollar. You should be ashamed of yourself. Then the pundents wonder why gold and silver is going so high. They have not seen anything yet. Looking for 2011 for the CFR news members to freak. WE have been telling them for several years now. They just don't listen. 

We need a second GREAT DEPRESSION to knock out ALL the BAD Debt around the world to start over. Will they>  I doubt it. We almost had it. New banks would have sprung up. We would be out of it and life would be good again. They did not so here we are. It is what it is. 


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