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Of green shoots, douple dips, and second derivative recoveries



July 20, 2009 – Comments (0)

I think financial commentators believe progress has been made only once a new term is introduced.

In case you haven't figured out these terms from context, here's a primer of the hottest terms the financial kids are throwing out these days:

Green shoots: Early signs of a recovery. Ben Bernanke said it in a 60 Minutes interview...the rest is CNBC history.

Double dip: Just as its name implies, the stock market would fall from its new post-March heights, creating a second dip (if you viewed the stock market movement on a graph).

Second derivative recovery: By derivative, they don't mean a financial weapon of mass's calculus time. A derivative is the rate of change of a function. A second derivative is the rate of change of the rate of change.  English time. All a second derivative recovery means is that things are getting worse at a slower pace.  We'll take anything these days.

- Anand Chokkavelu (who was "11 Polynomials Peaking" in Mr. Hon's school assembly production of the "12 Days of X-Math".  True story.  Hi, Mr. Hon!) 

P.S. You can add to our Foolish knowledge base by adding these terms to our Fool's in its infancy, but growing:

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