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lquadland10 (< 20)

Oh for the love of god. Is it time to buy BP yet or wait a week.



June 17, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , GLD , SVL

Don't get me wrong. I do not like BP but Take some pages of the ART of WAR. In about 2 years or less they will be the top dog. Why? Obama's 6 mos moratorium. While everyone is focused on the current onslaught of the government inventing new rules and extortion. Remember the old laws Congress Passed was for a fund of 750 million. I wonder how many of the present Congress Members voted for the the oil spill fund. I also wonder how many of them are also CFR members. Government creating the problem just to solve it. Oh but this is different it is a catastrophic. The law must be throw out and a new one replace and make retroactive. Oh thanks Congress but could you just stop. This is now like living in Russia or under Chavez. The rules and laws change on a dime. My fix for the renewable energy will not be taken but here it is. If I were President with Ron Paul as my Vice President. I would cut my pay by 50% and ask Congress to follow my lead. Then I would ask that Congress pass a law that you could only campaign 3 months before elections. Then I would get congress to pass a law that  Corporations would pay no taxes. In return for this no substdies.That would be the first step but I digress. Loopy on Allergy Medicine.  Now Obama in his speech was teaching us about a blessing about Immigrants form Europe. The blessing of the Fleet. Why would he teach us about that. The next day I watched the Morning Joe show and the talk show host Mika Brzezinski mentioned how great it was that Obama brought God into this. Fox yada yada on prayer. My fuzzy paraphrasing.  I then thought about how on Fox News snippet stated that the Obama man in the Minerals over road Louisiana Jindal for at 50 ft to 500. I think that is right. Cap and trade will go through. Two years from now BP will be the only one left standing because all the other companies rigs are now pulling up and going else where. Then England will do better because the dividends will be back if the people don't sell the stock. Then another View point.

lol Did you see the unseen hand that is working both sides?  Just the way a few like minded people who get together to form world views. I liked the part where he called the Countries who are members States in the United Nations. I also believe that if the Tax and Cap goes through GS will make a bundle. So long story short if you believe that what Jim Cramer says about this being the biggest find and tax and Cap will go through then buy BP,GS gold and silver because it is going to be a wonderful next six months. Oh and how is your new health care working out. It is over budget and we need more money for the doctor fix.


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