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Ok TMF, With All Due Respect, I Complain Of...



September 22, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: SIRI , C , AIG

1) All the SIRI coverage.  I have data on this site calculated by not only articles in % but in % of articles on the main page daily.  As of today the average is over 25%.  That is OVER 25% of the articles headlining The Motley Fool on any given day Monday through Sunday is 25%.  In fact today of the 8 Top Articles, 2 are about SIRI.

2) I am really tired of the way posting occurs.  Can someone explain why articles on the main page require no "Preview Comment" but articles by the regular members do?  Also can someone explain why when posting, the page always wants to go to the top? 

3) So you ask about #1 and say "well mikecart1, what you want to talk about?".  Well TMF, there are over 4000 stocks on the NYSE alone.  This doesn't include NASDAQ or AMEX.  Why out of those thousands of stocks do you focus on AIG, C, SIRI, and the same other stocks?  I'd rather have you not post so many articles and maybe 2 or 3 a day if you have to in order to research on the unknowns and write articles about them.  Enough about SIRI.  They aren't even on the DOW.  The effect of SIRI is almost non-existant!  You have enough articles about them to last a lifetime anyways.

4) Focus on quality over quantity.  TMF back in the day was supposed to be "that site that was for real investors".  Now it is "that site that talks about the same thing over and over".

5) Remove those 'TMF ad subscriptions' at the bottom of the articles.  If people want to pay, they will.  If you keep shuving it in front of people's faces, they will not buy.  This is business 101.  I'm an MBA student and thought this was common sense. 

Thank you for your cooperation in making these changes.

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#1) On September 25, 2009 at 4:19 PM, mikecart1 (79.71) wrote:

3 of the top 8 articles are about SIRI today.

5 day Returns: 25% to 37.5%.

Just WOW.

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#2) On September 25, 2009 at 5:02 PM, JohnnyAngel33 (23.75) wrote:

I'd have to agree with just about everything you said

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#3) On September 25, 2009 at 5:23 PM, cmfhousel (89.15) wrote:

If your problem is with the "Most Popular" articles, shouldn't you be complaining to the readers who are clicking on, rec'ing, and commenting on SIRI articles? 

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#4) On October 09, 2009 at 4:23 PM, EtamarL (< 20) wrote:

Am fully backing you up on this, mikecart1.  TMF is too keen on its advertising.  It comes out as the opposite of "oasis of...." that we've heard a year and two ago.  It looks sketchy and opportunistic.  You're damaging yourself, TMF.

About SIRI... who cares about SIRI?  Not that many, but when an article hits the main page, there's an effect that most readers at least see it... and then they keep going there more.  It's the "reward the ones on top anyway" effect, which goes against the idea of finding quality in the "long tail."

Am not sure TMF is listening though: I saw people posting this over and over the last year.  I'm cancelling a subscription soon, and will only stay on CAPS (which also needs much finer tools, btw....)  

But mikecart1, it doesn't help.  People have opted out before, so perhaps it's becoming a mouse trap, where it matters just capturing new audiences and not retaining old ones?

-- Etamar 

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