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June 13, 2011 – Comments (0)

Board: Macro Economics

Author: EddieLuck

For decades I have wondered why the leaders in economics, banking, and government are always fiddling with the economy and the financial markets, when they just don't seem to understand the basic theorem that controls everything. In fact, they seem to be steering further and further away from the ancient wisdom that was well known to past figures of note such as Humpty Dumpty, The Jericho Architectural guild, Nero, et al.

Here it is for anyone who is not in the know: What goes up must come down. Shocking, I know, but nevertheless an integral part of the wave action that underlies much of physics and anthropology. Some call it mean reversion.

For some reason, delusions of grandeur have infected those at the top in our country to the point that they now think they can control the economy (laughable), the climate (absurd), peoples' eating, smoking, drug-taking and other personal habits (megalomaniac), and the power structures of all the halfway important countries in the world (infinite over-reach), as well as the business cycle (nothing wrong with it: it is how capitalism-with-debt-money works), fiat/credit money, (it always runs itself into the wall of debt saturation and collapse eventually - I think "monetary policy" is an offensive and obscene phrase), fractional reserve banking, and all their other seedy inventions "for the general welfare".

Listen, you nincompoops! You can't! Leave it all alone and things will be far, far better when what goes up is merely allowed to come down again. You are not all talented at the top. Far from it. You are mostly just smart mouths with unbridled ambition.

Financial, military, political, and social systems all come and go according to their current value, or usefulness. Get used to it. What goes up must come down. When the tide comes in, it must go out. When a culture gets too conservative, liberalism will flower. After the moon waxes, it wanes.

After we have all drowned ourselves in debt, leverage, and adventurism, there is no "cure". There is no "fix". It is just a natural progression. Leave it alone, and things will go off in the next direction, all by themselves, as millions of people all make decisions re: their own lives. People screwed it up, and people can act to go in the new direction from here. Call it progress by popular vote if you like. The unimaginable sums wasted on trying to "fix" the problems over the last decade have exaggerated the debt cycle excesses enormously.

Enough, already, all you wise men in the media! Just go choke yourselves or something. Haven't you all done enough harm? Isn't it plain yet that you have no idea what you are doing? We have enough laws, rules, and regulations to fill several 40 ton tractor-trailer trucks from front to back, yet we've been in a constant emergency since I can remember.

What goes up must come down. Get used to it!

There now, I feel so much better. If this seems political, I'm sorry, but all these cockamamie nincompoops out there telling me how everything can be "fixed", when the US is constituted as a free country, make me feel like the comic-book character having the apoplectic fit. The US was conceived as an experimental place where people got left to their own devices to a great degree, and it worked extremely well for a long time, while the power-hungry idiots at the top of business, finance, education, and government grabbed more and more control. Well, control this, jerks! We went up, we're going down.

What part of up-and-down don't you understand? And by the way, that's MY money you're wasting!

Good luck,


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