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OMG run run fast Zombies are coming... run I say run ?



May 30, 2011 – Comments (3)

From the institute that brought you lies from the NUTTER WORLD....  more reasons why zombies aren't gonna  re-animate...

Japan jobless rate in April rises to 4.7 pct; factory output seen rebounding in coming months

WOW a  4% unemployment rate in JAP ??? wait wasn't  JAP suppose to be in recession ?  oh wait  the output has increased despite  acts of horror from mother nature ?  Sort of like when your expecting to get with  the really hot chick and than Mother flow comes to  try to spoil it like  Zombies from the ALSTRY institute of  NUTTER parts ???

Wait what else is there to fear ??   Strong money flow ?   QE  to  when ever  we want ?  gas prices ?

Oh wait lets check into  box office receipts ?

The hang over part II   makes over  100 milllion.

Not only did Warner Bros.' The Hangover Part II score the best opening of all time for a comedy at the domestic box office, it grossed the most of any R-rated film in its first five days.

"Hangover," debuting last Thursday on the eve of the long Memorial Day weekend, earned $137.4 million through Monday. That beats the $134.3 million earned by Warner's "The Matrix Reloaded" in its first five days.

The movie's performance marks a milestone for Hollywood, proving that comedies can become summer event pics, and do as well as superhero franchises. In addition to breaking several key records, "Hangover" also nabbed the fourth-best opening ever for Memorial Day.


Wait a second,  wait a second,  wait one cotton picking minute ???  isn't every one  broke ???

Isn't money worthless ????

Al ?????  Alstry ??????  can you please post  like  7 more times with clips & web snips of  some dog attacking the mail man ???  oh no...  the postal service is failing ???

 Come on ????

Life is good...

flipping enjoy it...

buy buy buuy

Has it ever occured to you that rathering than running around and blaming it might be more complex ya know ???

the DUDE from BIG Lebowski  :)

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