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Varchild2008 (84.56)

*OMG* Sanofi-Aventis at %4.37 Yield?



March 04, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: SNY

For whatever reason.... and despite Berkshire Hathaway increasing their stake in Sanofi-Aventis, positive news on their pipeline drug for prostate cancer Cabazitaxel,  a below 14 P/E, and $2.46 Cash per Share, this stock continues to underperform the S&P 500.... Taking a wallop today with a loss of 1.09% on their share price.

Taking a look at the chart and how can your eyes not fall out of their sockets and land on the BUY BUY BUY Button on your keyboard??  what???  You don't have a *BUY*  button on your keyboard?

Oh that's right... you are the investor still screaming, "BEAR MARKET RALLY!!!!!  This Stock Market Rally is BUNK!!!!"

But for those of us who want to make money in the BIOTECH sector... Sanofi-Aventis looks awfully apetising right now.

Standard and Poors currently as a $40 price target.

Why shouldn't this stock be bought at this price today?

DISCLOSURE:  I own ZERO shares of SNY but obviously I am thinking about owning some.

5 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On March 04, 2010 at 8:11 PM, ikkyu2 (98.46) wrote:

They're not really in the biotech sector.  They're Big Pharma.

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#2) On March 04, 2010 at 8:36 PM, Varchild2008 (84.56) wrote:

Understood but any company designing drugs is in my view BIOTECH. 

I sorta have a "Keep it simple approach" to categorizing stocks...

I mean.. I don't look at TTWO as a "Sports and Crime Video Gaming Stock Sub-Sub-Sector of the Non-MMO Video Gaming Sector."

I just say.... TTWO?  Video Games... done.

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#3) On March 04, 2010 at 8:52 PM, topsecret10 (< 20) wrote:

  I started buying this stock In a DRIP through JP Morgan last week......   :)

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#4) On March 04, 2010 at 9:50 PM, awallejr (52.81) wrote:

Quality stock, and as stated above, it is considered high pharma being held back because of the whole health care bill uncertainty.

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#5) On March 06, 2010 at 5:26 PM, Varchild2008 (84.56) wrote:

They make drugs though.....if they make drugs....they are a drug stock... let's not pretend that this is a CVS or RITE AID.

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