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OMG...I so went to the mall this weekend



October 30, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AEO , GPS , GM

So, like, I did.

I promise I will get to the Peter Lynch-style investing aspect shortly, but first some commentary.

I used to love shopping.  I never understood why other guys hated is just a dirty word for buying cool stuff for yourself.

Of course, that was back when I was growing up in my small hometown in Ohio...the mall was the hub of activity for our area, but it was never shoulder-to-shoulder crowded.

Fast forward to this weekend...I went to Tyson's Mall, which is the pre-eminent zoo, er mall, in the DC metro area.  Between parking, navigating around the crush of humanity, and being disappointed with the clothing selection in general, my lust for shopping was cooked.

Without further ado, the relevant investing thoughts:

- Martin and Osa is still kinda deserted...just like my visit last year.  I go there b/c I used to be a big American Eagle fan, and this is their concept for AE graduates.  Unfortunately, to be honest, the clothing wasn't that inspiring this time...I bought a sweaterish thing that was very similar to something I bought last year.

- The Gap is the GM of clothing stores...too many brands.  I like how they've treated their Banana Republic get a feeling of quality, higher-end clothing.  Unfortunately, though, there is very little difference between Gap and Old Navy...Gap used to be positioned as a premium yuppie brand, but now the clothing is pretty much the same low-quality as Old Navy...but at unreasonable prices.  The end result?  I bought a sweatshirt from Old Navy, a t-shirt from Banana Republic, and nothing from The Gap.

- I'm convinced some investors have children just b/c they're too embarrassed to do scouting at stores like Hollister.




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