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On Motley Fool have we been reading and recommending wrong investing books?



March 10, 2016 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EA , NKE , PG

Tiger Woods is great in golf because he studied the core science of the physics of the game of golf Get A Grip On Physics by John Gribbin. What he may not have prepared for was the psychology of dealing with the aftermath of infidelity or maybe the worldwide discovery of the right books to read in understanding the physics of the game of golf.

This is sequel to Investing Education: Then And Now January 25, 2016. In investing the situation is very fluid. According to Investopedia we should understand a combination of  mathematics (algebra and calculus), statistics, accounting, economics, technical writing, psychology, communications such as public speaking. The detailed explanation of why is explained in the video from Investopedia below.

All in all reading books that are written specifically about investing may not yield success for others because many have read the books and are implementing the same strategies and techniques. Also what may have worked for the authors in the past may not work in the present because of changes or etc. so maybe the author is probably trying to eke out as much money with the strategy that could soon be obsolete in the present by selling their strategies in print. So study and understand as much subjects listed in paragraph two to develope a investing strategy and remember from the Forbes video Stocks: 10 Things You Need To Know, "THERE IS NO PERFECT METIRC. Price-to-earnings multiples and dividend yields are important, but there's no magic number that gurantees a winner".   


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