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One more on oil services - BRNC



January 17, 2007 – Comments (0)

So, I'm relatively new on the CAPS scene and I saw a post that said (and I'm paraphrasing, please forgive the attitude) "I've got a 10 bagger can you guess which one? I've done SO much research and put in so much time that I can't morally tell anyone which of my picks is a 10 bagger".

Please. Are you kidding me? Do you want me to fork over money to tell me which one? Good luck with that. Why not take out every loan in the world and plop it on your so called 10 bagger? I didn't think so. Try living in the real world where spreading good information works in your favor.

A buddy of mine and I tried to start an investment club, but it didn't work out. The huge bonus is that we started to talk about stocks all the time. Multiple people researching stocks trying to find out the best investments -- doubling the efforts to find the best stocks. Its been awesome. This is what (in my perception) CAPS is all about - a collection of people sharing their insights in a competitive environment where proof is in the results.

If you you've read my earlier post, I'm really into the oil services. My buddy listens and does his own research, then finds a gem - BRNC. Its trading just barely above book value with absolutely no negative press. Why? Sure, its a bit of a newcomer, but its got contracts and they haven't stop coming in. Its negotiating power is diminished as there are many competitors and oil prices are going down, but book value?!?!? Their debt is minimial. SeekingAlpha has had some great blogs on the total injustice this stock is seeing. Read the articles.

A 10 bagger? Doubtful. But what kind of a jackass would claim that anyway?

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