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Only A Sociopath Would Call Himself An Investor Today



January 30, 2012 – Comments (0)

Just like any idiot who was bragging how much money he was making flipping homes during the housing boom based on predatory lending to homeowners....the revenues to public companies today comes from predatory lending to government while the liability is burdening future generations.

 What kind of a$$hol* would consider himself an investor when the revenues to his "investments" are coming from liabilities we are putting in the children and future generations?  Today America is borrowing about 2X income tax receipts each and every year to artifically goose and generate cash flow that otherwise would evaporate.

You can only borrow your way to prosperity for so long before you have to fight to control resources....and it appears we are well on the way for what will likely be the biggest fight in history.

‘War in Iran would mean WWIII’ — RT

It has become a  it's time to think forward

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