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Oscar on Politics.



September 17, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: O , S , KAR

In my last blog I introduced you to my best freind Oscar-

An Interveiw with Oscar.

For this blog I thought we'd delve into Oscars thoughts on the political spectrum.

Harry- Hey buddy, an elections coming up. Do you have any particular favorites?

Oscar- Ugghh! you humans and your politics. All I 'm going to say about that is if you see a politicion bite them on the ankle.

Harry- Can you expound on that? I'll give you a Chicken treat.

Oscar- (circles around thrice and stands on back paws) Ok, Ok I'll tell you more (devours treat)

The scent of most politicions makes me want to vomit. They will just lie to you in there quest to gain Alpha dog status.

Harry- Wait, would'nt there be the temptation to eat said vomit?

Oscar- Absolutely, you could see how being around a politicion for an extended period of time could create a vicious cycle.

Harry- So what's a dude like me supposed to do?

Oscar- Well just keep going out to to that place you go every day and bring home the kibble. Has there ever been any talk of a kibble based currency? It would beat fiat just by the simple fact that you could eat it in a pinch.

Harry- Any thouhgts on Ron Paul?

Oscar- Ahhh! Mr Paul is a totally different breed. Honestly I would be proud to sniff his butt.

Harry- Do you think he has a chance of winning?

Oscar- Probably not, you humans tend to treat elections more as a popularity contest, rather then finding who is best to lead the pack.

Oscar- This has been exhausting, I need a nap (curls up in doggie bed)

Harry- G'night buddy


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