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O.T. MH370 Conspiracy Theory (They Know Where it is)



March 21, 2014 – Comments (9)

Let me start by stating I'm not a conspiracy buff; I think they found the remains of a weather balloon at Roswell, Oswald was a nut and killed Kennedy all by himself, Elvis is dead and Obama was born in Hawaii. I don't present my MH370 conspiracy lightly, however I think the implications of what we haven't been told but can figure out on our own, suggest investigators have to know where the plane is (but don't want the bad guys to know we know). The crux of my case comes down to my firm belief that anyone using high school geometry could plot the flight path and final destination of MH370 from the circles corresponding to possible places on earth that the plane could have been at each of the 7 satellite pings. The two big arcs that the media keeps mistaking for flight paths are just parts of one circle out of 7 as can be seen on the map in the middle of the story linked below.

The info on the map also eludes to my argument that after you calculate the distance the plane traveled between events, like the last radar contact and the next ping, by using speed and time elapsed; you can play connect the dots from circle to circle to get the flight path and final location. Here’s how it works: you draw a line representing the calculated distance traveled from the last radar point to the next satellite ping and fix one end of this line on the last radar point. You then rotate the other end of the line until it just touches the circle representing all the possible locations on earth that the plane could have been at the time of the next satellite ping and you have it’s location at that time. Now you have a new known location and you can fix a new line on this point and rotate the other end until it until it touches the circle of possible points corresponding to the next satellite ping, repeating to the last point. The plane will be somewhere less than an hours flight from the last point. One fly in this ointment is that there are actually two distinct paths that this method will produce (which is also consistent with news reports about two paths) that are mirror images of each other that I’ll expound on later.

Now let’s get into some speculation about what paths the plane might have taken. If it weren’t for the two giant arcs that the media keeps mistaking as flight paths (they are points on earth the plane could have been at a specific time) I think anyone who spent 10 seconds looking at a map of that part of the world would see a highly suspicious route around Sri Lanka and the tip of India and the up the west coast of India that leads right to Pakistan. The link below to an Interview last night with the CEO of Inmarsat, the company that operates the satellite. This interview happened at a time when everyone is fixated on the search off the coast of Australia to the "SOUTH".

"Inmarsat has estimated that the missing plane took a "WESTERLY" path, rather than a northeast path at the time of its disappearance."

If you look at a map of the area the westerly path from last radar contact takes the plane past Sri Lanka and the tip of India. Retired Air Force General McInerney; also all but said on Wednesday that he has specific knowledge that the plane landed in Pakistan and the passengers are alive. He walked it back a bit yesterday to make it sound like it’s his opinion (IMO someone told him to STFU) but my hunch that the plane is in Pakistan is based on more than my own speculation from looking at a map of the area. Here’s some more food for thought. Experts have stated radar is only good to about 200-300 miles out to sea. I have a map of the area that I made a copy of including a graphic scale and plotted points 300 miles off the coasts of Sri Lanka, and Western India up leading up to Pakistan and then connected these dots back to Maylasia and into Pakistan. Using the graphic scale I calculated the length of this potential flight path to be about 4,000 miles. We know there were 7 pings one hour apart and the plane could have been in the air for almost another hour. Ball park 7.5 hour flight time. I looked up the cruising speed of a 777 on the internet which put it at 562 mph. 562 mph X 7.5 hours= ~4,245 miles. Coincidence?

Here’s another one. Per my discussion earlier about connecting the dots from one ping to the next to get the flight path and final location there are actually two distinct possible paths that are the mirror image of each other. Knowing this I traced the path described above to Pakistan around India on a piece of trace paper and flipped it over to get the mirror image path and guess where it ends up? That’s right off the coast of Australia just about where they are looking for debris right now. I can see where anyone who made it this far would be tempted to think that the mirror image path leading to the current search location would be evidence for that being the right spot but it’s not. It would have to be an unbelievable coincidence that the mirror image path to Pakistan around India would lead to the spot they are looking at right now.

So this gets me to the punch line; why haven’t we heard any about this from authorities? I’m convinced Gen, McInerney actually does know something and the plane did land in Pakistan and the passengers are still alive. Authorities don’t want the bad guys to know that we know this because they are working on a rescue plan and gathering more intelligence about where exactly the passengers are at on land. Getting back to the mirror image flight path part of the conspiracy if I’m right about connect the dots between pings leading to two distinct potential mirror image flight paths and assuming one of the bad guys could also figure this out it makes sense to be concentrating on the end of the wrong path if you want to lull the bad guys to sleep while you are working on a rescue plan and gathering intel.

Finally anyone who thinks I’m nuts can do the exact same thing with a map containing a graphic scale and a pencil in a couple of minutes. Connecting the dots between ping circles is slightly more complicated but if you draw your own flight path on a piece of paper, mark off increments along the path corresponding to ping points, create a center point to fix a compass on somewhere and then draw circles at that cross each of the regular intervals on the flight path you can see how this works. I apologize if I bored you but I needed to get it off my chest. When you hear about a rescue mission to save the passengers and crew, keep this post in mind.

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#1) On March 22, 2014 at 9:56 AM, MKArch (99.78) wrote:

BTW I forgot to add that the flight path around Sri Lanka and India goes over the Maldive Islands. There were reports of sightings of the plane from the Maldive's.

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#2) On March 22, 2014 at 11:17 AM, awallejr (28.32) wrote:

Well I am sure the family members would hope your theory is correct but unfortunately the whole point of doing an act of terror is to make sure people know it is one.  Hijacking a plane in secret would not fit the bill. 

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#3) On March 22, 2014 at 12:15 PM, MKArch (99.78) wrote:

It would if the main point was to use the plane for a later attack.


I've never tried to publish a scanned image to the web before so this is a test.



If this works it's a map of the area with the flight path to Pakistan and mirror image path south along with 500 mile increments marked out on the paths and the satellite center point and circles corresponding to 500 mile increments. 




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#4) On March 22, 2014 at 12:19 PM, MKArch (99.78) wrote:

It looks like if you cut and paste the link into your browser it works.

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#5) On March 23, 2014 at 12:29 PM, awallejr (28.32) wrote:

Well seems they eyeing wreckage in the Indian Ocean.

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#6) On March 23, 2014 at 1:40 PM, MKArch (99.78) wrote:

Per my post, IMO this is a ruse to lull the bad guys to sleep while we work out a rescue plan/ gather better intel on exactly where the passengers are on the ground.

As I stated from the outset I'm not a conspiracy buff so I can understand why people would not buy into my conspiracy theory. However just food for thought, I've seen analyst discussing our satellites abilitiy to view things on the ground the size of basketballs. This is a capability that is out in the public domain, imagine the capabilities of our satellites that are not in the public domain.

So far we had the Chinese who are not know for allowing themselves to look stupid, looking stupid with the first satellite image reported, a public company coming up with the next image and the Chinese and French coming up with the latest images all in an area known for collecting debris. Why haven't we heard about what our satellites have seen?

Per my post above you could plot the two potential flight paths and approximate final locations from the satellite ping circles in a couple of minutes. The Inmarsat CEO stated he turned this information over to authorites the day after the crash. Do you really think we don't have the ability to train our satellites on the projected end of the flight path that we should have been able to determine the next day; and then account for ocean drift to find plane debris? Have you ever heard of a plane crashing in the ocean without debris washing up somewhere or a ship spotting debris?

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#7) On March 23, 2014 at 2:13 PM, MKArch (99.78) wrote:

Just one more tidbit, take a look at the quote from the Inmarsat CEO in my post. He says he told authorities the day after the crash that they plane flew west after last radar contact. Now look at the map I put together in the link above. Both the flight path around India and outside radar range and the potential mirror image path head west after last radar contact. IMO Inmarsat came up with the westernly flight path the same way I describe above, connecting the dots between satellite ping circles. The reason why he is able to confidently say the plane headed west after last radar contact is because both flight paths go west initially. I'm also sure Inmarsat gave authorities the rest of the two flight paths the next day as well. IMO we knew where to look for that plane if it really did crash in the location being searched now the day after the plane went missing. We also know how to walk and chew gum at the same time and could have been searching that area from the get go even while searching other potential areas.

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#8) On March 24, 2014 at 10:42 AM, drgroup (66.84) wrote:

The question is, what is the potential target for this new flying bomb? Loaded with the proper explosives, this plane can cause a lot of damage...

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#9) On May 27, 2014 at 2:10 PM, Metheturtle (< 20) wrote:

How about this: 

On 8th March 2014 a commercial plane carrying hundreds of passengers suddenly disappears in what is one of the biggest mysteries of a generation. The shock, disbelief and reactions from the families and the general public that a plane can vanish from the face of the earth has been heard worldwide – that in this day and age, such an event should not be allowed to happen.

Enter Inmarsat, a company that was somehow able to provide data that showed the approximate location of the crash site, miles from civilisation, in an extremely remote part of the world and surprisingly far from any intended route which immediately indicates that something occurred which was simply not an ordinary air accident. You’ve probably never heard of them before the disappearance of MH370, a UK based satellite company with a global monopoly on providing tracking services to the maritime industry, who coincidentally already has its equipment installed on almost all commercial aircraft.

Inmarsat boldly declared that it would be willing to provide for free a ‘basic’ service to prevent a reoccurrence of a similar tragedy and that they believe ‘it’s the right thing to do’. Since the accident Inmarsat shares have constantly increased. It has to be noted that Inmarsat have previously tried to have such services adopted as standard in aviation law but were blocked on grounds of risk to national security.

Inmarsat, founded by the United Nations in 1980 was privatised in 2000. It’s largest stakeholder is the Harbinger Group, the founder of which being none other than George W. Bush.  With a 28% share in Inmarsat, could such tracking services brought in via legislation contribute to increased dividends to its shareholders?  Undoubtedly.  Let’s also point out here that the Harbinger Group (formerly Zapata Corporation pre 2009) has also been alleged to have links with the CIA and to previous historical events such as JFK, the Bay of Pigs Invasion, a.k.a. ‘Operation Zapata’, and Watergate.

The mystery surrounding MH370 has caused a stir worldwide.  No terrorist groups claim responsibility and no clues exist as to a particular motive for the disappearance.  However, let’s simply conclude here that there are those who will gain from this disaster – but how far will someone go to ensure that their investment comes to yield.

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