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Lulupoopsalot (63.46)

Our Mario Draghi Moment



November 19, 2012 – Comments (1)

Last Friday I put signifficantly more money to work in the market.  See my article about buying more Apple on that day at $510.  I did so becuase I believe we had our Mario Draghi moment where our politicans are going to do "whatever it takes" to avoid the fiscal cliff.  Democrats need to get this done or else they will be seen as failing to deliver.  Republicans need to get this done since polls show that they would be blamed by the majority for obstructing if it doens't get solved. Republicans have learned that they cannot ignore polling like they did during the election.  Therefore I beleve that this issue will be solved in a satisfactory manner here in the very near future (within a month).

If you look at my caps page you'll notice I made the same prediction with European financial stocks after the Draghi statements and it turned out to be a good move.  I feel the same way here now about American stocks in general.  Therefore, I'm making the same bet.

 As always these are just my opinions and I don't pretend to be right all the time. 

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#1) On November 23, 2012 at 12:08 PM, Lulupoopsalot (63.46) wrote:

Update:  Put in a trailing 3% stop for all winners over 10%.  Put in a 2% for the rest with my smallest gain here at 2.5% so it's break even for my worst performer.  This has been a great run but I'm not going to get greedy here.  There could be a pullback in which case I'm happy to sell off and take my gains but I'll ride this trailing stop as far as the market will take me at this point.

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