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Over $1 Million Dollars For Each $50K Job "Created"



June 05, 2011 – Comments (0)

At the current run rate....America is on track to "create" 1 million jobs this year.

At the current run rate, America is on track to borrow WELL OVER $1 Trillion dollars.

America is borrowing well over $1 million dollars for each $50K job created.

Soon you will realize that the only reason we have an "economy" under the current industrial model is because America is borrowing trillions....and handing most of it to a few bankers, Wall Street Execs, and politicians.....and giving some scraps to the citizens.

So next time some Fool brags about job creation....just laugh in their face, or walk away silently knowing what an idiot they are....

Finally, there is a blogger that understands the law.....and when government has bankrupted the nation, the last resort it has is to tax everything everyone we are ALL jointly and severaly liable for the actions of our elected officials.

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