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March 26, 2007 – Comments (0)

"Above Average"!!  I'm finally among those lucky few CAPS participants who can say I'm not "Below" average.  Having been less than 1, being now at 56 is nice. 

 The bump was impacted by the sub-prime lending crisis.  Having purchased several stocks that went bankrupt, I have at least learned how to read the "tea leaves" a little and know when management-speak foreshadows doom.  (e.g.  New Century Mortgage ( saying "we're not going to write any more loans for a while" was one of my clues).

 I guess the scare in "real life" is that if the bet that a company will go south to 0 backfires on you, it can hurt a lot.  Fortunately, this is just a game . . . right?  ;-)

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