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Pathetic Patty Byrne & Judd Bagley Stealing Facebook Friends



December 12, 2009 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: OSTK , GS

It's no news to anyone here that Patrick Byrne has gone off the deep end, and rather than running profitably, has instead pursued petty vendettas against anyone who dared tell the truth about his online empire, or about its nutty CEO.

It's been a couple years now since wacky Patty took to our own TMF overstock board and accused me of taking money from hedge funds, without a shred of evidence to back it up other than the fact that I was the single TMF writer who didn't fawn over him and parrot his self-aggrandizing attempts to be the next Warren Buffett.

Patty also fed my name to the SEC at one point, and they reportedly attached it to a subpeona, hoping to fish up information that I was on the take. The SEC later backtracked from that ridiculous angling expedition, and it's now investigating Byrne for a variety of reporting issues. (Proof, of course, that the SEC is also on the take from hedge funds...)

I've mostly left pathetic Patty behind, because frankly, there are more important things in life than sparring with a lowlife CEO who hires a ham-fisted, internet diry tricks operative like Judd Bagley to attempt to harrass and intimidate his critics.

But with this week's new revalation, that Patrick's lickspittle Bagley had published a Byrne enemies list composed of stolen Facebook information -- friends of friends, etc. I was chuckling. Because it utterly failed. There was no network of miscreants. Just a few financial journalists connected in the casual way that lots of people who know each other vaguely connect on facebook.

Oh, Byrne and Bagley also published information about children in this list that was posted to Byrne's conspiracy-theory destination, Deep Capture.

Today, it seems we know how Bagley pulled this off -- creating a false profile to con people into letting him into their networks, so he could, you know, do important stuff like put children's information on the internet and urge his cadre of online trolls to "investigate" them.

Here's a full account of the ruse.

Oh, and Wacky Patty's bootlick Bagley tried to con me into "friend" him as well, but this Goldman Sachs sock puppet didn't really appeal to me, and not just because of the wussy profile photo attached. I have zero love for Goldman Sachs, something Bagley and Byrne would realize if they did any real research (such as listening to our TMF Money podcast) rather than just concocting elaborate persecution fantasies and trying to lie their way to proving them.

I only "friend" old high school chums, current work chums, relatives (I have a ton of them.) and others. The only connection Patrick and Judd would have been interested in is the one-week old "friend" contact with Gary Weiss.

Note to Patrick and Judd. If you want to be "friends," I'm happy to meet either of you in person. I'll be happy to tell you to your faces what a pair of pathetic, petty cowards you are. I'll even buy the beer, so Patrick won't have to dip into his trust fund, and so Judd won't have to spend his bus fare.

I'll also bring the fathers of the children you attempted to stalk and harrass through your sock puppet attempts to steal my facebook network list. I'm sure they'd be very happy to meet you.


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#1) On December 12, 2009 at 10:55 PM, FreeMortal (28.57) wrote:

Bitterness will eat you up inside.

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#2) On December 14, 2009 at 7:24 AM, TMFBent (99.17) wrote:

Update. See Gary's piece again. Bryne actually proudly admits his toady's efforts at identity theft.

DeepCapture investigative reporter Judd Bagley used an assumed name to infiltrate their Facebook network and discovered that, yes, the hedge fund managers are in fact Facebook Friends with each other and precisely the financial journalists and bloggers about whom we have been writing, and that (while no one would claim that Facebook Friendship = “co-conspirators”), this fact is interesting.

BS, Patty. I am a prime example of the lies Byrne and Bagley have spun throughout this years-long cry for attention. Byrne and Bagley have repeatedly suggested on these forums and elsewhere tha I am one of these "captive" journalists on the take, yet I don't know a single hedge fund manager.

He and Bagley probably know this too, but since he can't stand any criticism of himself, his lousy company, or his pathetic behavior, his sock-puppet Bagley tried to "friend" me on Facebook anyway, to steal information he could throw into their conspiracy cauldron and hope something bubbles up.

Where's the board at Overstock?

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#3) On December 14, 2009 at 4:42 PM, ByrneShill (83.34) wrote:

Wow. Just Wow! You gotta be happy the guy is a few states away from you. I'd fear for my kids if such a wacko was after me.

I guess at the point where I'd fear for my life and my safety, intimidation would work on me. Patty and Bagley are pretty close to that.

It's sad when you think about the fact that people who buy outdated refurbished cr*p on actually give all their personnal infos and credit card number to these criminals.

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#4) On December 15, 2009 at 5:07 PM, ElViking (96.50) wrote:

This whole thing disgusts me. Shame on Bryne. Shame on his lackey.

I'm a regular reader of Barry Ritholz which is where I read about this whole thing. Ritholtz became disgusted to see that he was targeted for some reason and many of his personal friends and family (some of whom are minors) were listed. His quote regarding Bryne as a champion against naked shorting:

"And whatever legitimacy the anti-naked shorting crowd had is thoroughly undercut by its association with Patrick Byrne. He is an imperfect messenger for what is a small but real problem. Having Byrne lead the crusade against naked shorting is like having Bernie Madoff chair a commission on Wall Street ethics; They are each simply the wrong person to lead any discussion on the issues."

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#5) On December 15, 2009 at 5:14 PM, Tastylunch (28.52) wrote:

 man a new new low for Bryne

why does this man still have a job? His beahvior is bordering on criminal.


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#6) On December 16, 2009 at 4:06 PM, eurotrash01 (< 20) wrote:



Happy Hols, Seth

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