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Perma-Bull vs. Bearish Predisposition Pros



July 23, 2010 – Comments (0)

The following are excerpts from the above article "Bearish Predisposition" and my own remarks following them.

"Their behavior is unusual, since the typical pattern is for the average adviser to become more bullish as the stock market rises"

"Of course, the advisers rarely acknowledge that history doesn't speak with one voice on a particular issue. Instead, they too often choose to highlight just one of the historical parallels."

"And it's bullish from a contrarian perspective when the conclusion on which advisers are basing their facts is that the market is going to decline."

Amen to that....    A bunch of short timing PROs that are pushing against the upward trend lines that occasionaly have had some hiccups along the road.... but are still up trending.

Hey.. I am just glad I am not one of those PROs that are PERMA-BEARISH.     I just pumped in more than $1,000 of my money to accumulate more shares of stock from (CBOU) and (SVA).

And..... Furthermore.... (SVA) hasn't exactly been doing well this year.  It has been getting crushed.

So... One can not say that I am bullish just cause I have (F) or just cause I have (DPS)... Not when I am heavily invested in a LOSING stock like (SVA).

I play the market from a long term scenario based method....looking at catalysts and tracking them and gaging how the company is doing to achieve the results they should receive once those catalysts arrive.  That's real investing....  That's sticking with your investments for YEARS instead of Days.

Next Week's Stock Varchild is Watching:

1)  RHI

Varchild2008 Recommended Stocks Update

1) GAME:     It is much higher now than when I threw a tantrum and said this was ridiculously oversold.

2) PLD:    Well past $11.00  instead of less than...

3) FRED:   Closing in on $11.00.

All were recommended Watch List or Buys by the MORON... NON-Professional  "Varchild2008."

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