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Personal and Public Responsiblility



February 17, 2009 – Comments (3)

I am too 'soft' to be a bill collector.  I learned this when applying for a job some years ago.  The fact that I could state that I ABSOLUTELY would Not throw a single mom with kids out of her home on Christmas Eve (yep, that was the question and answer), meant that I would have to be considered for customer service,  credit verification, or some other area.  Just Not Tough Enough.  I will take that valuation quite happily.  With that said -

Please - If you bought a house you could not afford, if you have new cars, feel that it is your Right to buy the latest fashions from high end stores and go out to great restaurants, that is your right. Just don't come crying to me and asking me to bail you out because I will not be sympathetic at all to your plight

I did not do any of these things and it is not because I am (or think I am) some sort of economic guru or saint.  My reason for living responsibly was so that I would not need to request help from others. I do not now want to bail out others who did not care to live as responsibly themselves.

There are enough people in this country who are trying their hardest to get by, to make ends meet who need help. I am frankly appalled by people who lived beyond their means when they had money enough to save, and now want to be bailed out. They are willing to point fingers at everyone except themselves

Is this a symptom of some ME generation type behavior? No.  Is it limited to the "kids today" who think they have a right to all the new toys on the market? Again, no.  This crosses all generations.  It is a state of mind.  I want it.  I have a way to get it (credit).  I will get it now, not later.  When the bill comes due, I think some people are shocked that they are expected to pay real hard-earned dollars for what they got. 

I have massive sympathy for those who bought what they could afford and were fiscally responsible, only to see the "true value" at the time fall until the new "true value" is an albatross of debt around their necks.  (See albatross around the neck, millstone around the neck, concrete shoes, anything that is such a weight or burden that it is insupportable and literally drags a person down)

My concern increases for those who are in this situation and find it compounded by the loss of one or more incomes due to an economic landscape that causes businesses to topple like dominos.  These are the people that have a true right to protest their situations.  Those that I know are not protesting anything.  Instead, they are doing what they need to to bring in money.  They will keep at it as long as possible.  The church, the community, friends, family, even government which is running job fairs and retraining workshops are all offering what help they can.  If we are at a barter level for some basics, then so be it.  We take care of each other.

We do not throw temper tantrums or whine.  And we do not try to find a way to redraw the rules (laws) of the game so we can throw someone, anyone in jail just because we are having problems.

Now, I have a room that needs painting.  Do you need your taxes done?  If so, we have a deal.

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#1) On February 17, 2009 at 3:47 PM, Mary953 (83.47) wrote:

Something strange happened with the font on this post.  I did not change the size of the font, but it appears that one section chose to call attention to itself.  Computers are strange beasts and I am certain that I hit something that created that effect, but it was not by intent.

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#2) On February 17, 2009 at 5:53 PM, outoffocus (24.03) wrote:


 I am right there with you.  I am in my mid 20s.  I struggled to go from poor to middle classto not only have the middle class destroyed before my eyes (self destruction at that) but to also have to struggle that much harder for the middle class lifestyle (like a good paying job and reasonable home) all because of the irresponsibility of the middle class who came before me.  And how do these people respond to their irresponsibility? With more irresponsibility. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't parents supposed to make sure that things are better for their children?

Every major event that has happened over the last 10 years has been counter to the values and beliefs I grew up in.  Its like I crossed the line from the real world into this bizaaro land where nothing makes sense.  Common sense is no longer common.  Major decisions made that affect all of us are all counter to wisdom. Just think of the wisest thing our political leaders can do and they will do the exact opposite.  And I can only get so mad at the idiot political leaders because idiot citizens put them in office based on idiotic promises and refused to hold them accountable for the idiotic decisions they make.

I'm angry at these people and therefore have no remorse for them. Why should I care about them losing their 2500 sq ft home to foreclosure when during the housing boom they drove up housing prices so high that I was forced to ren?  Why should I care about people being upside down in their mortgages where they could care less about the fact that unless housing prices come down I wont be able to afford a decent home in a decent neighborhood? Why should I care about big corporations failing then weh corporations could care less about spending my tax dollars to fund their bonuses and golden parachutes?

This entire country, citizens, businesses, and government have developed such a high sense of entitlement that its sickening.   Nobody wants to work for anything anymore.  Everybody thinks that money grows on trees (a phrase I havent heard in YEARS).

No wonder we are going through such a bad correction. This isnt just a correction in the business cycle, its a correction of attitudes. I can see we as a country are going to go through the 5 stages of grief.  Seems like we're somewhere between anger and bargaining.  Probably more anger.  It interesting (albiet painful) to see what happens when we get to the acceptance stage.

*Rant over*

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#3) On February 17, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Mary953 (83.47) wrote:

Outoffocus - 

I actually wanted comments.  There are times that you need to shout from the rooftops - "There is no intelligence left in the world!"

This is a time when I need to shout, "Is anybody there?"  And get an answer that I am not alone in thinking that some of us are horribly off-kilter. 

The first time one of my kids said that the government should 'do something' about a problem, I told her that she would have to send her money to the government so they could spend it to 'do something' and asked her who could spend the money best, the government or herself?  It was the only time either of my kids ever considered the government as a helping hand.  My daughter was 8 at the time and she was the oldest.  Education starts with parents.  You had some good ones to go with a major work ethic and drive.  I think I have had you as a favorite for a long time, but I would have guessed you to be in your 40's based on your comments.

I am going to bet that, given your age, you hear a lot of "It's all the fault of your generation.  You think everything should be handed to you on a silver platter."  You get a lot of that, right?  It's another 'point the finger at someone else' mentality.  I know that's hogwash because of this blog -  (Nuf2 - I hope you don't mind me bringing this back to light.  It shook us so a few months ago and it needs to be pulled back out as a reality check) 

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one 'ranting mad.'

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