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Personal Comments on Cepheid



March 01, 2007 – Comments (1)

I have not bee blogging much of late, here is largely why.

Yesterday we had a baby (3rd), so I spent the good part of the last couple of days in the hospital. The baby was a week overdue, which is ironic since we spent the better part of mid December in a Boston hospital on the fear of a premature birth. My wife was not keen on induction, but agreed to have her water broken (after an antibiotic course) in part because of a positive Group B strep (GBS) test. A GBS test is the first 'product' of Cepheid's clinical PCR approved for labs of 'moderate complexity', which means that when adopted the test can be run in the hospital by trained staff, not sent out to a certified 'high complexity' lab.

I talked with an attending doctor about the GBS test, but didn't get much info on how the result was determined. I specifically asked whether they used PCR, but the doctor did not seem clear on 'how' the test result was obtained (to be fair, this was the attending and not her personal doctor, so I may have been brushed off a bit). I mentioned CPHD and said the company has a rapid test that may find its way into the hospitals labs and also commented that they were developing and seeking approval for an MSRA test as well.

MSRA is an antibiotic resistant life threatening infection. The doctor got serious and mentioned that MSRA has many hospital staffs on pins and needles and that she was aware of a recent maternal death post delivery that was attributed to the bug (no details and I didn't press).

So I continue to like what CPHD is developing and acknowledge the relevance of the tests, at least they have been relevant to my own recent experience. I should be more familiar with the current protocol for analysis.


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#1) On March 03, 2007 at 11:42 AM, AssetMangler (97.29) wrote:

Congratulations on the new baby Helical! (Now you and your wife are outnumbered - been there :)

I've sold about 75% of my real-world portfolio this week - just didn't like the market action (my blog covers it all). I may sound you out later on some health stocks when I re-establish my positions, if that's OK with you?



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