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Peter Schiff on CNBC - January 4, 2010



January 05, 2010 – Comments (4)

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#1) On January 05, 2010 at 8:46 PM, Booey66 (< 20) wrote:

I watched it live yesterday. gave me a good laugh after a real good day.

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#2) On January 05, 2010 at 10:14 PM, eddietheinvestor (< 20) wrote:

The hacks on CNBC can't stand Schiff or anyone who isn't saying that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Rangel, Dodd, and Frank are geniuses and doing great and leading the US into golden times.

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#3) On January 05, 2010 at 10:53 PM, russiangambit (28.96) wrote:

The Fast Money people are simply on  a different intellectual plane than Schiff,  he could be speaking  foreign language for they had no clue anyway.

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#4) On January 07, 2010 at 2:43 AM, greenwave3 (< 20) wrote:

Funny, yet not. Schiff is basically predicting financial appocalypse for the US and Dollar, and the commentators keep asking him for stock recs. Shameless.

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