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Pi: The Game Changer



December 27, 2012 – Comments (0)

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Author: RaptorD2

I happened to catch an interview with the designer on PBS the other night. The Pi was designed by a Cambridge University professor and is the size of a credit card. It does everything a basic PC can do, connects to the Internet and costs $25 each. It can be used about anywhere a PC can be used and maybe more places because of its size and low cost.

Techies are reportedly building and planning myriad tools with multiple PI's and the ideas are flowing in from around the world.

At $25 per unit, schools could have computers for each student, and poorer countries can connect citizens to the internet. Industry is ordering them for multiple applications including server groups.

Professor Eben Upton, the inventor, modeled the price and manufacturing assuming that 10,000 units might be sold in his lifetime. However, on the first day of availability, 100,000 units were purchased, causing severe backlogs. As manufacturing is geared up, the orders continue to flow in as more and more people get hungry for a slice of Raspberry Pi.



30+ Cool Ideas for your Raspberry PI Project:

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