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Plugging Away



August 25, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: C , WM , AKAM

My CAPS portfolio is off to a lukewarm start, but my own small portfolio is plugging along nicely.  I own shares of AKAM, AOB, C, GNBT, SLS (on Yahoo! it is SLSZ.PK, but I'm unable to locate them on here, most likely because they went belly-up several months back and the stock is worthless), and WM.  This arrangement automatically set me up for at least a moderate term investment as the value of my portfolio makes the trade commissions substantial, but I'll do my best to explain my logic.


AKAM - I see moderate short-term growth, and steady growth over the next several years.  Akamai is one of the larger providers of the hardware that makes the internet a reality, and with the ever-increasing presence of the internet in everything, Akamai stands to benefit handsomely.


AOB - This was a substitute pick in my "Gamble" slot.  I don't like it as much as the stock it replaced (SKZW), but China provides the boom or bust that I was looking for here.  On paper it is a potential juggernaut in Chinese pharmaceuticals, but being China it may be on the verge of collapse for all we know.   Long story short I wanted something volatile and found a home here.


C - I started trying to buy it at just over $1, but due to some brokerage account issues didn't get in until $3.10.  There is still a ton of value in this stock that I couldn't pass up.


GNBT - This would seemingly fill another "Gamble" spot in my portfolio, but GNBT has a couple of monster shells loaded in their cannon that I think eliminates the possibility of this stock not taking off and giving me my money back numerous times over.  The biggest prospect being oral insulin, which, if it hits market, will be more successful than any metaphor that my brain can currently come up with.


SLS - This is my persistent reminder to temper my greed.  SLS is a speaker company that produces equipment primarily for concerts and movie theaters.  They had several big things going for them when I bought in around $.25.  After I bought it, they signed a master vendor agreement with Best Buy to sell their Quincy-Jones-endorsed, special-patented-driver home theater system in Best Buys across the US.  They stole a rather large 200 theater contract from JBL.  The stock went to $1.20.  I told myself that at $1.25 I was out.  Now my roughly 1500 shares are worth just under a buck and a half and I have a handy little reminder to be happy with quadrupling my money.


WM - I bought this pretty strictly for the dividend.  I think the company has a fantastic business model, but I didn't rip it apart with my limited financial abilities.  Rather, I knew it was a solid company that won't be going anywhere any time soon from my brief research, and I knew that they paid a solid dividend.  This is important to me because the tiny amount of money that I can afford to invest needs all the help it can get, and the dividend will only help me to grow my roll.


I've nearly made a profit after my commissions, and expect to crest that mark by the end of the week.  I realize that I didn't provide a very detailed analysis of each stock, but I would like to hear what any of you think.  I've tried to mix growth potential and value as best as I could with my little roll and think that I've done a fairly decent job, but any advice is greatly appreciated.

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