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Politicians MUST BE Sociopathic Liars



August 03, 2011 – Comments (0)

I am in D.C. this week....

it is amazing how prosperous this area family lives in affluent areas around town and they think the economy is booooooming.  My brother-in-law just retired at age 50 from being a professor at a prestigeous University and now living off my sisters' very satisfactory income being a psychologist/counselor to high income bailed out families.....

as most of the rest of America is collapsing......yet this is what BAILED OUT politicians are saying?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: We Are "Continuing To Get This Economy Turned Around"


The financial class, BOTH Democrat and Republican totalling about 5% of the population, got most of a $23 trillion dollar bailout/entitlement payment/loan guarantee...about a million dollars per person.......yet they think they are bailing out America by giving them a few hundred dollars per month or some Wal Mart job?

At least Main Street is finally figuring out what happened.....their FREEDOM was stolen by the Financial Class.....and now they are finally fighting back as human functioning is being replaced by technology.

15 Homeless Shelters in Seattle Area in Danger of Closing

Udder World keeps trying to answer "who gets FREEDOM when the world is bankrupt"?

It will get interesting as the masses start rejecting the Financial Classes money.....

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