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Possible Japanese myth of longetivity



March 13, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: S , C , AM.DL2

Japan’s Famous Record on Longevity - A Myth -A List of Missing Centenarians revealed

Japan is famous for having the world’s highest life expectancy. However, that might not be certain. As new revelations says that many of the centenarians might already be dead. Japan’s oldest living man at 111 years was actually concealed in his bed, having deceased since three decades ago.

According to the police, His daughter is currently 81 years, and she has been hiding his death in order to collect her father’s monthly pension payment.

More Myth of Japan’s Longevity

Tokyo’s oldest woman is believed to be 113 years, but she hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. This does equally apply to a woman expected to be the world’s oldest, aged 125. She has also not been seen for years. She has probably been gone for quite a long time. In 1981 when some city officials went to her registered address, they saw that the location had been changed into a city park.

Currently, up to 281 Japanese having been recorded aged 100 or above hasn’t been found by authorities.

Akira Nemoto, the director of the elderly service's section of the Adachi ward office says that it is impossible to live to the age of 150 years in the natural world, nonetheless, in the World of Japanese public administration, there isn’t any restriction to maximum longevity.

 So when they start tallying up the numbers of dead from the recent events in Japan, its quite possible that among the lists of those who can't be found have been deceased for quite some time now.

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