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Pres. Barack Obama Burns Thousands of Books



September 27, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: F , DPS , GAME.DL

September 25th 2010 was the day the Pentagon burned 9,500 copies of books of Operation Dark Heart, author Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

MSNBC and the Liberals are desperately pointing the finger at the CIA and saying President Obama had nothing to do with this.

Unfortunately the facts do not support that allegation.   The 9,500 books were bought by the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) which operates under the behest of the Commander in Chief which is President Barack Obama.

The Pentagon claims "State Secrets" was the reason for the book burning but this argument does not stand up to the facts at all.   The facts are that the Department of the Army reviewed the book ahead of time and approved it.  This book was in fact published before the DIA stepped in.

So what is the point of this on a Stock Market Website like Motley Fool?

Well.... I say it is time to do some BURNING of our own.  I have been disappointed in some small cap stocks not performing how I thought they would.  Instead of holding onto underperforming stock...  BURN THEM!!!!

Err...well....  We can't burn them as the SEC no longer allows us to have Paper Shares of Stock.  We can only have Electronic Shares of Stock.

So... Instead of burning your stock...   Sell them!!!

Listen.. I look to buy and hold long term...  I have 2 Retirement Stocks I can believe in straight into my Retirement.  So I am in hot pursuit of a 3rd stock for my portfolio that I can hold onto for just as long.

I have spent all of 2010 not really finding the right stock.  I think I finally found a stock that I invested in before I dumped it to buy my house, that I can now hold onto until I retire.

I strongly believe after BURNING away some dead weight stocks doing little for me.....

That this will be my new list of HOLD FOREVER STOCKS:


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