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Varchild2008 (84.00)

Pres. Barack Obama's "Smoking Near the Water" Theme Song



June 07, 2010 – Comments (1)

Does Pres. Barack Obama need an updated Theme Song to reflect the BP oil spill, the nose diving stock market, the U.S. & European debt crisis, North Korean Acts of War, Iranian Nuke(s) Threat, and so on?  Me think........YES!

And the chosen song is based on "Smoke on the Water" lyrics.  


I came out to Louisiana,
Near the Tar colored shoreline,
To make amends with the media,
who thought I was blind.

Was asked about my political favors,
By Major Garret and the Tea Party,
But I told them to wait a while,
Cause my stupid prompter's tarty!

Smokin  Near the Water as Markets sink below....
Smokin Near the Water....

They blew apart a South Korean Ship,
40+ drowned by North Korean's grip,
(Uh) Now Teleprompter's fading in and out...
Iran's nuclear without a doubt

When will it all be over?
Can I hide Kagan's Docs in another place?
But, my cigarrettes were running out,
It seemed guaranteed I'd lose some face,

Smokin  Near the Water as Markets sink below....
Smokin Near the Water....

I ended up at a McCartney Concert,
It felt empty, cold, and bare,
But with the debt crisis beckoning just outside,
Making my staff mates stare,
Told them no green lights, and no solutions,
I said be calm, cool, no sweat,
No matter how we get out of this,
Obamacare, I know, we'll never forget.

Smokin Near the Water as Markets sink below...
Smokin Near the Water....

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