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lquadland10 (< 20)

Pretext for War and another False Flag.Are 401k's next?



October 13, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , SLV , GLD

Oh Congress what are you up to next? So now you want to go after the 401k. lol Yep got to love it. In other news. The drug cartel gave him up. My question would they really do this for what they just loose on just one drug deal. Is this drug cartel we were funneling guns to? Oh the drum bangs on for war. Well I do not consent to this. You Mr. President you are just as bad as George Bush. You want to bomb Iran before winter? So how many more plots are you going to bring out? The IMF's wanted this and I don't want it. So is the CIA really the Zettas? This would explain so much. Fast and furious.Oh please. Give me a break. There is no fear.  So you have green light to bomb Iran oh Israel and USA. No I do not Consent to that.   Entrapment or Foiling Terror? FBI’s Reliance on Paid Informants Raises Questions about Validity of Terrorism Cases


Spanish MP to sue FBI for using his face in al-Qaida 'most wanted' photos

Underwear Bomber Guilty Plea Shields Government Complicity

China Goes To TradeCon 2, Warns Currency Bill Will "Inevitably Lead To Serious Damage In China-US Trade Relations"

Feds Foil Own Saudi Assassination Plot: Pin it on Iran

Federal entrapment snares another dupe and brings hundreds of millions to the brink of war.  by Tony Cartalucci

FBI Insider: Obama Administration Likely Manufactured Dubious Terror Plot

U.S. Challenged to Explain Accusations of Iran Plot in the Face of Skepticism

US drones fly from secret Kenya bases

Soros Calls For Eurozone Treasury  Soros: Don't Let Faulty Euro Destroy Financial System   

GM now in Natural Food.

Major Agribusinesses Competing with Organics on the Cheap, “Natural” Food Products with Toxic Chemicals and GMOs Deceiving Consumers


Now if we do go and let Israel bomb Iran what do you think will happen? You bomb a nuke reactor for electric generation and then where do you think the radio active waste is going to go? The wind will carry it around the world. Killing people from other Country's. Yep. Got to decrease the population of the world. Never mind after all this time Japan is still finding radiation in the Capitol.You got to bomb Iran and release more radiation into the population of how many Country's? Oh and China will back Iran. 

My favorite is.............

Goldman Sachs Rules The World with Trader, Alessio Rastani

Infowars Nightly News
October 13, 2011

Alex talks with Alessio Rastani, a trader who claimed late last month that financial vampire Goldman Sachs rules the world.

So if we do see Israel bomb Iran then it would be wise to have as Hedge Fund Manager Rothschild said own gold and oil. I say is also own Copper and Silver. I am still going to vote Ron Paul.









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#1) On October 13, 2011 at 9:46 PM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

Yep run the guns over the Boader then take away ours.

Major action on anti-gun legislation is taking place at the Capitol in Washington, DC right now.

I have been warning you for weeks about H.R. 822, “Obama’s Concealed Carry Bill,” which has been rapidly making its way through Congress, and votes are happening today and tomorrow in Committee.

Anti-gun members of the Committee are already trying to amend the bill to add national standards to the existing legislation, which NAGR opposes.

We expect a vote on this tomorrow, so it is imperative that you call on this RIGHT NOW.

Please call Lamar Smith at 202-225-4236 right now. Tell him that you are opposed to this dangerous piece of legislation, H.R. 822.

And once you are done making that call, please call Rep. Charlie Gonzalez at (202) 225-3236, and make your voice heard opposing H.R. 822.

-- Dudley

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