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Principles of Alstrynomics



September 11, 2010 – Comments (5)

1.  No Politicians should be entitled to a salary just because the government has access to credit yet citizens/employers that the politician represents does not have access to credit and consequently loses their income as a private citizen. 

Since when did the government have access to credit and the private citizens is a government of the people after all......

2.  No person working for an insolvent bank should be entitled to any salary/bonus simply because the taxpayers bailed out that bank while that same bank is foreclosing on the taxpayers homes and charging taxpayers interest yet paying them nearly nothing on savings.

If we had simply bailed out the taxpayers, the banks would have been fine..........hmmmmm.

3.  If we are going to burn religious books of any religion, then we should burn books of all religions at the same time.

Wouldn't humanity be better off if we burned more books and stopped buring each other?

Soon you will understand that the only entities surviving right now in America are those with access to credit...........and as more and more private citizens get cut off of credit.....more and more of private America will continue to shut down and the opportunities for our children will be few and far between.......

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#1) On September 11, 2010 at 8:03 PM, dinodelaurentis (83.36) wrote:

I do like #1 but...

Who will bell the cat alstry??!!

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#2) On September 11, 2010 at 9:03 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

It won't matter.....we are in for a structural change.....a change no one in caps is least publicly.

Student Loan Debt Exceeds Credit Card Debt in USA

and credit card debt is is municipal debt, corporate debt, mortgage debt, hospital debt, commercial paper debt, hospital debt, agency debt, treasury debt......

debt is everywhere and now the banks aren't lending......

it is impossible for this system to remain functioning as it is impossible to service $50 trillion dollars of debt unless the banks are lending they were a few years ago.

the bankers are ready to change the will be interesting to see what develops......

dino-you and I are on the same page regarding where this is heading.....but for now things will continue to shut down....

Con-Way Inc. in Northwest Portland - 200

TAMKO Building Products plant - 32

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby PA - Talks of Layoffs

Genzyme Corp. - 1,000

The University of North Carolina - More Budget Cuts Could = Layoffs

Kentucky Educational Television - 13

Hinds County Mississippi - 23 Vacant Positions

Liquidnet - 12% of Staff

Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation in Carson City - 91

Arnold Air Force Base - 64

Victaulic Forks Township plant - 42

North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale - 200

Louisiana Elastomer LAEL - 10, Hopefully Temporary

North Texas Tollway Authority - 140

Salem Art Fair & Festival Oregon - 1 or 2

Pontiac Michigan - About 100

Community Bankers Trust Corp. - 10% of Staff

Field Museum Chicago - 50

The Virginia Sports Complex in Caroline County

Bamboo Sourcery in Sebastopol

The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas

Golf Galaxy in Jacksonville

Cafe Grounded, the Cook's Kitchen and Paws by the Green in Guilford

Tom's Food Markets Inc in Traverse City Michigan

The Furniture Outlet group

Update: Dell Closing NC Plant Sooner Than Expect - Oct / Nov Timeframe 

Thermo Fisher Scientific Dubuque Plant Closed

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#3) On September 11, 2010 at 9:37 PM, awallejr (28.16) wrote:

Wow, the irony is I don't have any real issue with your 3 points, except I would limit #2 to bonus since it wouldn't seem fair to penalize the bank teller.  And as for #3, you used the term "if" hence why I don't debate it, though I am anti-burning of any book,  being a reader of Fahrenheit 451.

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#4) On September 12, 2010 at 12:03 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Why should you punish the construction worker and not the bank teller......?....that doesn't seem fair.....

or the truck driver, or restaurant worker, or the teacher, or the fireperson, or cop, or the tens of millions of others who are not working due to insolvency or their employers insolvency?

Under our constitution......justice is for all and justice is blind.

As far as book burning.............I am a pretty religious person in a traditional sense.....but my religion does not come from the printing on the pages of any is the contents and spirit of the book which form the foundation of my beliefs.

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#5) On September 12, 2010 at 12:47 PM, Teacherman1 (< 20) wrote:

Hey Alstry. We finally agree on something. I think.  #4 Last paragraph.

The book itself is simply ink on paper, or words on a page. It is only when the Holy Spirit gives it Life, that it has any meaning.

Have a nice weekend. 

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