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Public Health Care proposal not needed



July 20, 2009 – Comments (0)

We already have a health care system.  In my view we don't need  another one.  That would be two systems if my math is right.  One is enough.  Now I know that not everyone can afford health care now and its only made worst with the current recession. But this is my point.  Use the money to create jobs not health care.  Instead of creating a public system, I suggest we use the money differently.  How about getting more people to have jobs and allow them to to pay for their own health Care. Throw in a discount on the premiunms that everyone has to pay.  Doing this would lower unemplyment, allow people to contribute to the economy, prevent business from having to pay out of profits for health care which will only lower everyone standard of living and lower our ablitiy to grow and lower  our position  in the world.. For those  permenently out of work we have charities to help them out and considered asking the employed to contribute to a charity for health care to help finance the charities.           People who contribute to the charity could get a tax break.  Jobs is our number one problem  with this economy right now,and our focus should be on Jobs.  Creating a second health care system is not needed since we have one  which by the way is considered the best in the world. and instead use the money where its needed. Just My two cents.

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