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Varchild2008 (84.31)

Pullin the TARP off your Stocks (INTC)



July 13, 2010 – Comments (14) | RELATED TICKERS: INTC , YUM , DPS

Ok... I confess... Today was not a historic stock market move..... *sigh*  But.... It should have been.
We are Pulling the TARP that BEARS put over your Stocks off and revealing underneath a SPORTS CAR more beautiful than anything built in a DECADE!

(INTC):  "Biggest profit in a decade"

(CSX) (AA):  Post surprise earnings compared to whsiper/consensus expectations

(YUM):  Despite a weak America, they post up huge earnings for the quarter....

(DPS):  Announces a 3 year plan to buy back $2 Billion in total worth of their stock versus the previously announced $1 Billion.  This is on top of recently increasing their Dividend from 15 cents to 25 cents a share.

U.S.  reports a widening trade deficit.....    Bad for America?  Perhaps yes!   But... BULLISH for the rest of the world as America takes in a gigantic amount of Imports due to an increase in demand for them due to the Rising Dollar  / Lower Euro.... Lower Pound.....etc.

(F)  Ford posts a 5.05%  Stock Price move to the upside after analyst comments from people such as Jim Cramer.

Analysts expect Financial Earnings Reports to be BULLISHLY  good when they report.

BP successfully places the CAP over the Oil Leak and a crucial test is coming...

(ATVI)  Names new CEO of Publishing unit.....  Stock up 2.6% as investors treat the news with thumbs up.

ALCOA's  News Boosts Metals Stocks as Analysts are now Bullish on the Sector.

ALCOA's News Boosts HOUSING STOCKS.......   (SPF) jumps nearly 12.50%

IOC to announce a new with DOW Chemical  (DOW)    Shares up nearly 4%

MONSANTO  Rises as CITI says "Buy"

PC Sector rallies after hours due to INTC earnings  (MSFT)  Microsoft up 2.39% after hours.

AMAT boosts full year guidance and shares rise nearly 3% after hours trading.

STARWOOD Hotels (HOT) up nearly 4.5% and an additonal .79% after hours trading today after a series of bullish analyst opinions on the stock

DOLLAR Slides after Successful GREEK DEBT Auction

P&G Keeps Quarterly Dividend at 48 cents.

Ambitious Timetable for electronic medical records   

Fitch:  Acquisition has no effect on TYCO ratings

Crash Data Suggests DRIVER ERROR in TOYOTA Accidents

Senate Panel Puts Off United States Supreme Court Vote  (KAGAN)

Can you say..........................POSITIVE NEWS DAY!?!?!?!?!?!??!

So......where's the rally wall street?  Today's move was Weeeeaaaaaakkkkkk!!!!

14 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On July 13, 2010 at 5:32 PM, ragedmaximus (< 20) wrote:

what do you think of that forcefield bounce off dow 10,400 going straight down at the end of the day,I think it's still heading down here starting tomm.

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#2) On July 13, 2010 at 5:43 PM, Varchild2008 (84.31) wrote:

Forcefield bounce?  Baaaaahhhh....    Just go back to my previous blog post....

The SHORTS are still heavily shorting stocks like (INTC) and they are about to get their butts handed to them....

SHORTS want to look at the economy from a PRICING standpoint... They think this is just a extremely short bear market rally due to price deflation creating a False sales picture in the economy....

The SHORTS are looking out to things that don't matter right now... They are look at Congress to continue to do bad things but....

The Shorts are wrong... The Election Season is coming and much of the B.S. won't happen.

Even those scare stories about CAP and TRADE and CARD CHECK and a host of things going to be rammed down our throats after the November Elections in that short time window....

Even that is a BUNK.....  It is BUNK cause we have the votes to block all of that in the Senate since electing Scott Brown and the vacancy created by Senator Robert Byrd an etc.

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#3) On July 13, 2010 at 5:58 PM, russiangambit (28.71) wrote:

It is an intresting dichotomy between great profits at multinationals, especially tech ones. After all, in the US it is much easier to buy an iphone with unemployment checks than a house.  And outside of the US you have phenomenal growth in Asia helping all of the multinationals. But US only companies are in a bind, especially small businesses,

As a result, you have squeezed middle class in the US,  struggling housing market and struggling consumer companies, yet you got great profits at corporations. Especially since they don't pay taxes on their foreign profits. I don't understand why is it that US citizsens have to pay taxes on foreign profits, but coporations don't. I think US government is going to go after these profits pretty soon.

Meanwhile, the conclusion seems to be to ivnest in multinationals, commodities ( emergining growth) and steer clear of the US companies, including the banks. With the squeezed consumer and falling housing market banks are set for a double whammy.


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#4) On July 13, 2010 at 6:06 PM, ragedmaximus (< 20) wrote:

varchild2008 sell your stock now and step away from the computer and nobody gets hurt. take yout 6 days of gains and 1 pm after hours session and you will be happy friday,if not you will be crying.It's not a matter of principle it's a matter of protecting your 6 days of green on pitiful volume so sell now

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#5) On July 13, 2010 at 6:29 PM, Varchild2008 (84.31) wrote:

*Sniffle*  *Sniffle* *Weep*  hup  hup hip hip  yea....(wiping eyes on sleeve).. I guess you're right....I guess I'd better.........


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#6) On July 13, 2010 at 8:59 PM, rexlove (99.69) wrote:

It's interesting how the news stream has come in over the past couple of years. It seems like we go through these periods where it's all doom and gloom and the media has nothing positive to say. Back in March '09 it was nothing but news about a great depression, 30% unemployment, foreclosures and bread lines. It was the end of the world. Over the past couple of months the media had nothing to report but double-dip recession, terrible housing numbers, unemployment and the end of the world again. After this cycle things return to normal after earnings come in and traders realize "its not that bad". 

Looks like we're going through another one of these cycles. I totally expect 2nd quarter earnings to come in above estimates. So far - we're off to a good start. 

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#7) On July 13, 2010 at 9:05 PM, ragedmaximus (< 20) wrote:

thats great but there is no volume in the market and today was the lowest volume day in the year so pull the tarp off your head and yes it might go up tomm but this week no

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#8) On July 14, 2010 at 1:54 AM, uclayoda87 (28.54) wrote:

(YUM):  Despite a weak America, they post up huge earnings for the quarter....

Mass suicide should also help the long-term Social Security and Medicare debt, while the short-term rise in ER visits and funeral homes services should be a boon to these sectors of the economy.

China probably invited YUM into their country with the hope of curbing population growth.

How have tobacco sales been doing recently?

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#9) On July 14, 2010 at 2:00 AM, uclayoda87 (28.54) wrote:

Service Corp International (NYSE:SCI) CAPS Rating:

The Company is a provider of deathcare products and services, with a network of funeral homes and cemeteries. Its funeral service and cemetery operations consist of funeral service locations, cemeteries, crematoria, and related businesses.

$7.79 0.26 (+3.45%)  7/13/2010 4:03 PM


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#10) On July 14, 2010 at 4:15 AM, mhy729 (30.26) wrote:

Whoa...a bit morbid there uclayoda87

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#11) On July 14, 2010 at 8:51 AM, Gemini846 (34.25) wrote:

SCI is a decent buy if you watch the prices and try to understand what the management is doing. They aren't always efficient with thier cash.

I greatly prefer STON. but it's less liquid.  I don't tell my family that I have large positions in deathcare companies, but the business isn't going anywhere and I have to get the money the baby boomers stole back sometime.

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#12) On July 14, 2010 at 9:36 AM, ragedmaximus (< 20) wrote:

wakey wakey varchild2008 DOW DOWN

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#13) On July 14, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Varchild2008 (84.31) wrote:

DOW UP actually ragedmaximus.

DOW UP Today....  Only a few points but not bad after the retail numbers came out horrid for June.

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#14) On July 15, 2010 at 5:34 AM, ragedmaximus (< 20) wrote:

wakey wakey varchild2008 futures down .put your tarp back on your stocks.Down she goes, where she stops ....nobody knows! lol stock market nursery rymes

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