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quaddruple witching again AUG.........



June 20, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: DE , HAL , MSFT

It is that time of year again. I am looking for a short drop and then after earnings are over for the market to rebound for now. 1 to (less than 2 ) years for the next great depression and for our government and congress to push through the joining of Mexico, Canada and the United States into a Union just like the Europen Union and Euro. The Fed by not raising intress rates Paulson  (goldman sacks man) not taking care of housing. Congress fighting for the Union of the 3 countries. Goldman Sacks allways seem to be spot on the calls they make (insider traiding with the White House???????? Paulson and others ????)  Housing, Banks, Auto, Retail and the most important inflation ( or as I call it the deflation of what our money is worth. Bernake and the Federal Reserve and Bush and Chaney and others ( Rep. and Dems.) alike trying like heck to Bankrupt this country. What are WE THE PEOPLE of this country doing?  WE are letting them. When will we ever learn? How will I make money off the loss of our country and our freedom?  Let me look at the companies that is part of the CFR and the TPN. { (Agenda)  As indicated in its 10-point, 10-year Action Plan for Strengthening Transatlantic Partnership, TPN's agenda for the coming years is to promote and support actions to complete a transatlantic market linked to a strengthened political and security relationship adapted to the needs of the 21 st century. To accomplish this, TPN believes that the EU and US will need to adapt the existing transatlantic institutional framework to take account of the evolution of our common purposes and priorities, allowing issues to drive the framework, rather than the other way around.

TPN has proposed, with support from Resolutions taken by the European Parliament and the US House of Representatives, that EU and US leaders come to agreement on the major elements of a new, formal “Transatlantic Partnership Agreement.” Such an agreement would build on the 1995 New Transatlantic Agenda and reflect proposals made in TPN's Strategy to Strengthen Transatlantic Partnership.   As part of this process, TPN would like EU and US leaders to:

•  focus the annual EU-US summit process to provide strategic direction and impetus to the transatlantic partnership, and develop communications with the NATO summit process as well

•  institute regular informal EU-US consultation at ministerial level in advance of EU-US summits, supported by permanent joint policy planning.... }  Yep, if you think times are tough now just wait 2 more years and don't save or pay cash.  For me I am still buying gold for the fall of this country.  Fool On All. 

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#1) On June 20, 2008 at 3:46 PM, thought4 (26.99) wrote:

You forgot to add the chamber of commerence and the Governers of each state who are helping to combine the 3 countries and then the world. All so a few banking cartels can rule everything. 

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