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December 08, 2009 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: AIG , BGPIQ.DL , SNE

All right, a handful of AIG execs threatened to walk due to compensation, which led me to write Asinine Audacity at AIG. In later news, it sounds like the Pay Czar probably will cave on this. Hmmph.

Vinyl making a comeback? Records' retro revenge.

Here's a little random note from my personal email. I got an email from Borders with a subject line that started "No Wait!" which at first, really confused me. Turns out it was pointing out there was no wait for the e-reader it sells (a Sony e-reader). Hmm, trying to take advantage of the whole sold-out Barnes & Noble Nook thing... but yeah. Good luck. Between the Nook and Kindle, I have a hard time believing Borders can make much headway, I mean does anybody ever hear ANY buzz about that Sony e-reader??? (Although I suppose stranger things have happened in this world, still doesn't seem exactly likely.) 

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#1) On December 08, 2009 at 4:54 PM, lemoneater (57.13) wrote:

I think Target also sells the Sony e-reader which does have a nice screen for reading. However, I think the Kindle has easier access to myriads more titles than Sony. Perhaps I can check out the Nook soon and see if I like it better than what I have.

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#2) On December 08, 2009 at 4:57 PM, dudemonkey (53.73) wrote:

The most surprising thing in this post is that Borders is still around.  I thought for sure they'd be sleeping with the financial fishes right now.

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#3) On December 08, 2009 at 5:02 PM, TMFLomax (89.34) wrote:


How interesting Target sells it... I didn't realize that, hmm. Oh let us know if you get to see the Nook; I have heard what sounds like positive buzz about it, but I seriously wonder if either can challenge the Kindle, but I guess we'll see. I actually have a Kindle and I really enjoy it.


Agreed - I recently asked if Borders is the Next Circuit City. And when the email said, "No Wait" I was kind of thinking it was a plea, like, no, wait, please buy something. Sheesh... But yeah, it looked ugly last year and it's still stumbling along but I seriously do wonder for how long.

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#4) On December 08, 2009 at 5:24 PM, Varchild2008 (83.81) wrote:

I got an E-Reader..... It's called an APPLE iPhone 3GS...

Seriously.. Why is APPLE thinking of getting into this Kindle business when it already basically has its own Kindle with their iPhones and iPods?

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#5) On December 08, 2009 at 6:06 PM, TMFLomax (89.34) wrote:


Interesting, I didn't realize Apple was thinking about getting into that business. That does seem strange when it can do the same thing on the iPhones and iPods. 

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#6) On December 09, 2009 at 2:14 AM, Tastylunch (28.69) wrote:


Think an Amazon buyout of Borders would work? I haven't thought it through but I've heard it kicked around casually speculated by some guys I kow in the biz.

Sad what's happened to Borders. I met the founders once, really really nice people.

But you know when the business model itself is under attack there's not a whole you can do.

RE:AAPL if they are smart they'll get into ebooks if for no other reason than to prevent Kindle from gaining traction. Unlike the iphone they could have another mini ipod on their hands there as they could control the means of distribution if they create an "ibooks" (and not have to deal with dinosaur partners like AT&T)

I think the iphone and ipod screens are too small to really be effective ebook readers.

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#7) On December 09, 2009 at 4:19 PM, TMFLomax (89.34) wrote:


I've heard people talk about the concept of Amazon buying Borders but I just can't imagine it happening. Would Amazon buy something that beleaguered? I don't know, Bezos seems to look forward rather than back. But who knows.

It is too bad what's happened to it and I've definitely heard a lot of people lately talk about how they prefer the experience in Borders to the one in Barnes & Noble, but... man, I'm not sure the retail industry even needs two big superstores these days.

Hmm, though, yeah, that's true Apple might want to prevent the Kindle from gaining traction. Given Apple's track record in digital with the iPod I can see how they'd want to squash this. Although it sounds like the publishers themselves are trying to squash it, of course (news today about delaying e-book releases, good grief).

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#8) On December 09, 2009 at 4:19 PM, TMFLomax (89.34) wrote:

And I meant book superstores, of course, ha.

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