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"And who are you", the proud Lord said ? "that I must bow so low ?"



May 29, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: L , OI


And so he spoke  that Lord of Castamere, and now the rains  weep over his halls without a soul to hear.


Excuse me but  I seem to be having an episode,  lol...

I'm giddy with  I  want to say  I told you so about  my  long long long  time ago  warning  against  FB, 

In  fact,  it  was  a lifetime ago,  having  grown  tired  ~~  perhaps  you  if your  an old  timer ~~  remember  LordZ ???

Forgive me as I speak  in the second person,  but he foretold  about  Fake  Book,  he wasn't liked, but he had  a  good score ( top 99%) ,  and  with a stroke of code, he got snuffed  much like  Lord  Stark   and  soon  Rob Stark.

Reminds me  of  an  old  saying  that  3  things  cannot be hidden  for  long:

1)  The  Sun.

2)  The  Moon.

3)  The  Truth.



What  is  dead  can    never  truly  die...


One of  Alstry's  prediction about zombies  perhaps  has come true,  if you count  people  space lorded out  on  drugs  as  zombies  attacking.

Don't  do drugs,  not even  the ones prescribed by doctors..

And   now   for some comedy.

Don't  solicit  as well.


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#1) On June 02, 2012 at 1:14 AM, egobasher (< 20) wrote:

and as the 6 month lock up is at hand, it will most likely be a buy.

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