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"Fake News" on your favorite Stocks today.



April 19, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , SBUX

1.  (MCD)s just filed a hefty lawsuit against Burger King after having watched their latest commercial showing the Burger King Mascot stealing the Mickey Ds recipe for Filet o' Fish...and then boasting they have the same item on their menu as McDonalds.

2.  (RMCF)  (HSY)  Investors in droves dumped their GOLD and SILVER holdings in favor of CHOCOLATE.  There appears to be a mass worldwide Chocolate's what investors were lead to believe by bizzarre comments made by the C.E.O.s of Rockey Mountain and Hershey.  Of course, it could all just be a rumor.... But with Chocolate Commodity Prices spiking up 1000% today, there has to be some truth to it right?
3.  (GS) Goldman Sachs, after a very long and heated court battle that took things straight to the United States Supreme Court, reported gleefully that they wont their case against the SEC for manipulating the markets.   Now the U.S. Taxpayers will have to pay Goldman Sachs $14 trillion in damages + court fees before they can ever even think to pay down the U.S. debt.

President Obama wasn't available for comment.

4.  Ben Bernanke steps down from Fed. Chairman position citing "retirement decision was his own" and Barney Frank makes it onto the short list for potential Fed. Chairman.  Nancy Pelosi is staying out of it choosing instead to focus on her campaign for Treasury Secretary.

5.  President Obama signs into law a "SODA TAX" with a beaming Michelle Obama at his side.  This is as much a victory for Michelle Obama's campaign against child obesity as it is for the President.   Shares of (SBUX), (CBOU), and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters spike upwards 10%-15% today off the news.  Apparently, investors believe now more than ever people will reach for a Coffee for their Caffeine addiction rather than a Soda Pop.  Furthermore, stock analyst from JP Morgan Chase (JPM) cites the super expensive coffee choices at SBUX and CBOU no longer look so expensive after this SODA TAX.

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